Has Tim Burton Ended His Famous Partnership With Johnny Depp?

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Johnny Depp has been Tim Burton's muse for the longest time. The iconic duo has done a total of eight films together, bringing to life dark but memorable characters for their audience.

While their decades-long partnership had been extremely successful, new updates reveal that this duo may have ended their streak.

Tim Burton may be distancing himself from the estranged actor, who is still currently battling legal drama from his failed marriage to Aquaman actress Amber Heard.

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Why Tim Burton Always Casts Johnny Depp

Director Tim Burton, who is famous for his quirky and macabre style, has often praised Depp for his talent to take on dark characters.

In an interview with LA Times, the director commended Depp for being a "true artist".

"Without embarrassing him, he's a true artist, which is something I wasn't sure was possible in today's cinema. But he's the real thing. He's a visionary, an auteur, totally uncompromising."

Their First Project Together

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The duo's first project together is the now iconic Edward Scissorhands. According to Burton, he immediately hit it off with the actor, who was then known as just another teen heartthrob.

"You don't get that many times in your life where you just connect with somebody and it's really simple ... it's just there," Burton said.

The film cemented Depp's reputation as a serious actor in Hollywood and also marked the beginning of the Burton-Depp tandem.

Johnny Depp And Winona Ryder

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The cult classic is also where Depp fell in love with his co-star Winona Ryder. The two got engaged only after five months of dating but broke up three years into their relationship.

Burton was reportedly front and center during the young couple's first times together and he also helped Depp through his heartbreak.

"I felt weird to be around him like he wasn't acting like Johnny anymore. It's almost like Winona took Johnny's soul, Johnny's love," Burton shared in an article.

Tim Burton's 'Wednesday' Series On Netflix


Given Depp and Burton's longstanding work relationship, Depp is often a shoo-in for Burton's projects. But, this is no longer the case, as revealed in Burton's new Wednesday live-action series for Netflix.

There have been previous reports that Depp was gunning for the role of Gomez Addams but the part was given to Luis Guzman, who will be playing opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones' Morticia Addams.

Depp has been struggling to get projects since his divorce drama and after being labeled as a "wife-beater". He has also dropped out of Fantastic Beasts future installments.

While the two remain friends, Burton may be distancing himself from Depp's current legal battles, putting a halt to their partnership. At least for now.