You Won't Believe Kendall Jenner's Secret Talent

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Now making headlines for her high-profile romance with NBA star Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner was enjoying media attention for a different reason back in 2016. The Victoria's Secret model and reality star, 26, got fans in a buzz at the time after revealing her secret talent -- and you won't even believe what it is!

As it turns out, the 818 Tequila owner can make spot-on bird noises, a skill she showcased on a couple of occasions back then. Scroll for details and video proof!

Quite Impressive

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Scroll for the video. According to Elle, Kendall first displayed her quirky talent on James Corden's Hidden Talent Show in late February 2016. The catwalk queen was apparently so good at it that the media outlet put forth a theory that the socialite was "actually a baby bird."

"It's hard to believe the chirps are actually coming from her," stated Elle.

Watch Kendall demonstrate her skill in the video below and judge for yourself!

Showing Off On Instagram

While Kendall's unusual talent was not common knowledge until her Hidden Talent Show appearance, hardcore fans of the supermodel were already aware of her chirping skills from following the celebrity's antics on Instagram.

According to CheatSheet, Kendall originally offered a glimpse into her unique talent in late 2015 while goofing around with gal pal Cara Delevingne for a video. The English model, 29, shared the clip on her Instagram page in early December, snagging over 2.6 million views. Check it out below!

Chirping For 'Vogue'

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Scroll for more video proof! After thrilling viewers with her flawless chirps on Corden's show, Kendall once again showed off her incredible skill for Vogue in September 2016. Starring the magazine's "73 Questions" segment, the Vogue September cover girl put her abilities to the test, perfectly recreating a bird’s call.

Watch Kendall on "73 Questions" below! Skip to 5:50 for her unbelievable bird noises.

Not Her Only Talent

Reproducing bang-on bird calls is not Kendall's only hidden talent. The supermodel and entrepreneur is also quite handy with the camera, making her editorial photography debut with a 10-page spread for Love magazine in July 2016.

Kendall showed off her photographer chops in 2018 as well, putting her Contax T2 camera to use during her sister's Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear’s Fall campaign. While she was not the main photographer on set, she did capture gorgeous behind-the-scenes snaps of her siblings, per CheatSheet.

“It’s nice being on set and getting to take pictures of my sisters again,” Kendall told Vogue at the time. “They’re all so beautiful, which makes them easy to photograph… These are good memories to have.”