Deshaun Watson's 'Optimism' Ignites Trade Rumors Again

Ernesto Cova

Deshaun Watson is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the National Football League, a game-changing dual-threat player that could turn a pretender into a contender right away.

Nonetheless, and despite his desire to pursue a new challenge in his career, all teams understandingly pulled the brakes on any trade for him, as he's facing up to 21 civil lawsuits for alleged sexual misconduct.

And, while the league hasn't officially suspended him and he's still a part of the Houston Texans roster, he's yet to make an appearance this season.

Deshaun Watson Is Confident Amid Legal Turmoil

Even so, Watson's agent David Mulugheta recently broke the silence and claimed that his star client is 'Super Confident' amid his legal turmoil and stated that he'll be as good as always once he's back on the gridiron:

“We’re pretty confident how this thing plays out,” Mulugheta said, per The Spun. “He’s super confident in how it plays out. He’s still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He will be when he gets back on the field. He’ll continue to have an all-pro and phenomenal career moving forward.”

Judge Issues Warrant To Search Watson's Social Media

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Nonetheless, it doesn't seem like Watson will be on the field any time soon, as a judge recently issued a warrant to scrape the QB's social media accounts.

According to Sports Illustrated, several of his accusers claim he deleted some messages:

"The warrants reportedly include access to all platforms owned by Facebook, such as Instagram, and Cash App, and details allegations from nine women that the Texans quarterback coerced them into sexual encounters," read the report.

Still, Watson is reportedly unfazed by the news.

Watson's Agent Advocates For His Character

Watson's agent believes that his client's reputation speaks for itself and it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out:

“I think anybody who’s met Deshaun knows who he is,” Mulugheta said, as quoted by Fan Nation. “We know what the truth is and that’s a good thing about the truth - no matter what, the truth is the truth. Whether it takes one day or two days or a year to come out, the truth is the truth.”

Dolphins And Panthers Are Still Interested In Watson

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Watson's optimism should make the Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers re-engage in trade talks with the Texans. However, per Mike Reiss of ESPN, the QB would only wave his no-trade clause for Miami:

"The Dolphins are the only team that Watson is known to have waived his no-trade clause for, according to sources. Watson has not done the same for the Carolina Panthers or any other team, sources told ESPN," reported Reiss.

Maybe this is just a publicity stunt to try and get his trade value up again but it doesn't seem like the Watson saga will go away any time soon.