Alexandra Daddario Flaunts Jaw-Dropping Peepers For Dior Win


Rebecca Cukier

Alexandra Daddario is highlighting her world-famous and icy-blue eyes while securing what looks like a brand win. The 35-year-old actress, fresh from a paid promo for activewear brand Alo Yoga, updated her Instagram this week to shout out luxury French designer Dior, although it wasn't clothing she was repping.

Daddario posted for her 21 million followers on Wednesday, sharing a sped-up beauty tutorial as she glammed up, with the famous peepers definitely taking center stage. See the video now viewed over 1.4 million times below.

Showing Off Her Icy-Blue Eyes

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Alexandra has been upping her high-end brand game throughout 2021, making headlines for donning Italian label Versace and, more recently, luxury and celeb-adored brand Carolina Herrera. The Baywatch bombshell's video today showed her with a makeup artist and going from no lipstick to a totally different and very bold red lip look.

Alexandra wore a blue jacket bearing the Dior monogram, with the focus being her doll-up as she eventually smiled to show the results. Scroll for more photos after the video.

See Her Swimsuit Snap Below

The newly-engaged star, this month announcing she plans to marry producer boyfriend Andrew Form, clocked over 1.4 million views in just two hours, with fans sending long strings of fire and heart emoji. "The art of a red lip in under 30 seconds with @lotstar @dior," the caption read.

Dior might be getting unofficial shout-outs from Daddario, but it's got solid celebrity muscle in an official capacity. Supermodel Bella Hadid is the face of Dior Beauty. Daddario, meanwhile, has represented Clinique in the past.

Slipping Up On Beauty Routine

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Daddario has opened up about her beauty routine - turns out, just like everyone else, she slips up. Speaking to Byrdie this year, the actress revealed:

"I just try to wash my face every morning and night. Sometimes I forget at night, but even just the whole thing of taking your makeup off before you go to sleep—you have to do things that make you feel good, or you get trapped in a cycle. If you start saying, "Oh, I left my makeup on three nights in a row," you’re going to start to get down on yourself. So it’s the little things that boost you up."

Natural All The Way

Dishing on her fave prods, The White Lotus star continued: "I use a lot of natural products. I love Vintner’s Daughter—they have an oil that Gwyneth Paltrow turned me onto. I’m obsessed with it. I love Epicuren’s moisturizer and my Caudalie spray. I’m someone who tries all these different products, but I always tend to lean towards things that have more natural ingredients."

Daddario regularly has cult brand Vintner's Daughter liking her posts. Hush hush on any brand deal, but watch this space.