Kaley Cuoco Unveils The Holiday Transformation Of Her $12M Mansion

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Alas, Kaley Cuoco joins the long list of celebrities getting into the Holiday cheer with home makeovers. Christmas trees, fairy lights, Snowmen, and a "Partridge In A Pear Tree" – these are things that evoke the holiday cheer in us (except if you're the Grinch or Scrooge.) The Flight Attendant star leaves no stone unturned as she decorates her house with unconventional traditional items.

Kaley enlisted the help of celebrity event planners Butterfly Floral and Lauren Tatum Events to bring her home alive. Each decorative piece looks personal as it fits the theme of the actress' $12 million ranch. Let's peek closer at the individual items.

Brown Christmas Tree

@kaleycuoco / Instagram

We're so used to seeing green Christmas trees that Kaley's brown one immediately arrests our attention. At first glance, its leaves look dead, and you wonder why would anyone ever get a dead tree? Upon closer inspection, however, you appreciate the unique beauty of this deliberately tanned pine tree – it's refreshingly different.

Standing in front of the bare Christmas reminder and holding one of her many pets, Kaley wears a white casual dress with multiple animal prints as a tribute to her "housemates." Kaley shared the picture in a now deleted Instagram story.

A Festive Welcome Sign

@KaleyCuoco | Instagram

There's a bold "U" wreath is designed with decorative lights and balls at the entrance. The earth-toned main-entrance décor gives off a grounded welcoming aura. It's big but not imposing as it blends seamlessly with the door's backdrop. We aren't quite sure why the Big Bang Theory actress went with the letter U instead of the regular "O." It's worthy of note to say the sign stays grounded as opposed to sitting on a wall or door. Perhaps the big glass wall doors wouldn't carry a nailed piece, or Cuoco wants to stand next to the décor – we may never know, but we do know WE LOVE THE STYLE.

Cozying With Horses

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If you didn't know before, update your Kaley info to know that the actress is an equestrian. Since her divorce from her husband of three years, Karl Cook, the Big Bang Theory actress, diversified her interest and added horse riding to the list. She's shared videos of her training exercises and little successes with her 7 million Instagram followers.

Today, she shared a video and picture of her cuddling with a horse, captioning the moment "I know how to find horses."

A Full Ranch Holiday

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Horses aren't the only pets that pique Kaley's interest. The actress also has an adopted rooster named Mini Cooper and some dogs. It appears the new housemates keep the Meet Cute actress occupied and stop her from thinking about her split from Cook.

This would be her first Christmas alone in the last three years so maybe owning a multi-million dollar ranch isn't such a bad idea. Adding the new holiday decorations uplifted Kaley's spirit, as we can see from her posts on Butterfly Floral and Lauren Tatum Events.