Miley Cyrus Shocked To Find Out Pete Davidson Removed Their Matching Tattoos

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Miley Cyrus wasn't too happy to learn that Pete Davidson had their matching tattoos lasered off, especially since hers is still inked on her skin!

The singer recently appeared with the SNL funny guy on The Tonight Show to promote their upcoming New Year's Eve Special.

In the must-see interview, Miley shared how their friendship started and the unexpected way she found out that Pete had his tattoo removed.

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How They Met

SNL | YouTube

The friendship between the two started when Miley appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch back in 2017. The singer, along with Pete Davidson, Chris Redd, and Kenan Thompson, dressed up like big babies and danced "The Baby Step" in their diapers.

Apparently, Miley and Pete hit it off and developed a friendship. The two even visited a gay club together and got matching "We Babies" tattoos to commemorate their skit they did.

The tattoo, however, is barely on Pete's skin anymore, as Miley disappointingly points out during their visit at The Tonight Show.

Pete Is Burning Off His Tats

Smartwater | YouTube

Pete is currently in the process of burning off most of his tattoos, after realizing that it takes a long time for make-up to cover his skin for movies.

He appeared in a Smartwater commercial with his tats being lasered off, saying he is making smarter decisions now.

According to Miley. she had no idea Pete's "We Babies" tattoo was being removed and was a little shocked when she saw it on TV.

"I didn't know that until I saw a Smartwater commercial — where he's drinking Smartwater and getting his tattoos lasered off, and I was like, 'Wait a minute...that's where "we babies" was!'"Miley said.

Flirty Serenade

The Tonight Show | YouTube

Aside from the tattoo revelation, there was also a little bit of flirty serenading that went on.

Miley dedicated a cover of the song "It Should Have Been Me" to Pete, implying that it should have been her dating Pete and not reality star Kim Kardashian.

The SNL star couldn't help but blush and laugh while Miley was singing ad-libbed lyrics to troll Pete and Kim's relationship.

How Kim Kardashian Reacted

Kim Kardashian | Instagram

Did Kim Kardashian get mad over Miley's flirty serenade?

Apparently, no. In fact, she seems very supportive of her beau Pete and Miley's new working relationship.

To show support, Kim even liked the photo Miley posted on Instagram, where she is seen clinging to Pete's body while wearing a slinky black dress.

Whether there is a real love triangle developing or not, Miley and Pete's upcoming NYE party is certainly getting lots of publicity!