Jonah Hill And Sarah Brady Match In Gucci At 'Don't Look Up' Premiere


Nothing says holidays and “I love you” like matching pajamas and sweatshirts or, in this case, PANTSUITS! Oscar nominee Jonah Hill and his surfer girlfriend Sarah Brady made their first couple appearances twinning in Gucci. Did someone say swoon?

In a pastel pantsuit and matching teal slippers, the dreamy couple stormed the Don’t Look Up premiere. Even their hair colors matched in bleached blonde, where can we order a partner and a twin set outfit for Christmas?

Not Enough Twinning

Shutterstock | 4558021

The premiere isn’t the first time Hill and Brady wore twinning outfits. The couple wore matching green sweaters on Nov. 5. Brady shared the picture with her 49,000 plus Instagram followers saying, “We’re that annoying mushy gushy couple that wears matching outfits all the time cause we think we’re cute together. #sorrynotsorry”

Her boyfriend replied in agreement with, “Nothing annoying about being stoked! Love matching with you.” Seriously, are you sure we can’t order a partner via mail? The twin bug bit again during Halloween, this time in Minions style. They did it again in August and the month before, and they won’t stop any time soon – whether they’re surfing or playing dress-up, they’d always do it together.

Classy With Personality

Unsplash | Magda V

Hill is notorious for his laidback fashion style, so this 180 in Gucci surprised us. He’d switched up his style in doses this past year - we didn’t see suave Jonah coming. Though he decked out in Gucci, Jonah ditched the shirt and waistcoat to tease us with a half-view of his chest tat.

We’re not complaining, though, since our good old Hill is still in there. You can put the man in designer, but you can’t take the chill from him. Even in his pose, Hill has one hand in his pocket, with one leg forward and leaning a little back to give that relaxed aura.

More Tattoos Please

Unsplash | Chris Richmond

One of the things we love about Jonah is his self-expression through art – on and off-screen. After giving us an eyeful of his bold chest tattoo in his Gucci two-piece, Hill decided he wanted more ink! After his premiere, the 21 Jump Street actor visited a tattoo parlor in New York City to add to his collection. The new additions are two dolphins and a palm tree, and we suspect they’re a tribute to his lady love, who’s a surfer.

New Look Who This

Asides from his new clothing fashion, we almost couldn’t recognize Jonah Hill. The Wolf Of Wall Street actor is spotting a full blond beard and neck-length hair (about 8 inches long.) We heard he switched it up for his new Scorsese film. coming in 2022.