Dakota Johnson To Direct Mystery Project In 2022

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Dakota Johnson is exploring her creative abilities and directing a new project in 2022, according to a recent interview.

Following the success of her recent film The Lost Daughter, the 32-year-old actress is excited to start working on new pursuits. She is tight-lipped about her directorial project but shared a little detail on how she feels about the upcoming feature.

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Directing Boyfriend Chris Martin

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It won't be the first time Johnson will be calling the shots behind the camera. Last year, she took on the challenging task of directing her own boyfriend Chris Martin in Coldplay's Cry, Cry, Cry music video.

According to Dakota, she applied for the job like every other hopeful director who is vying for a project.

"I wrote the story and pitched it to the band like every other director did – and they chose mine," Johnson told Marie Claire. "Not because they're partial to me at all."

Founding Her Own Production Company

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Being a child of veteran actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, Dakota has been around film sets her whole life, which is probably why she gravitated towards the same industry.

When asked how she picks her projects, Dakota answered: "I really don’t have a method, and I don’t want one – it’s very intuitive and emotional."

In 2019, Dakota partnered with former Netflix exec Ro Donnelly to launch TeaTime pictures - a forward-thinking TV/film development company who aims to make thought-provoking content across all genres.

Mystery Project In 2022

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In a recent interview, it was revealed that Johnson will be directing her own first feature in 2022. While she was careful not to spill the details, Johnson mentioned that while she has reservations, the project is pushing through.

“We talked about someone else directing, but then I was dreaming about it, having ideas all the time. It’s in my bones, this story. I’m like, ‘Is this too soon?’ But it’s happening. I’m gonna do it.”

Oscar-Worthy Performance?

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Johnson's most recent film The Lost Daughter received a standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival and has racked up four wins in Gotham Awards. Aside from the movie itself, Dakota's performance was also outstanding and has earned itself some awards buzz.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Johnson shared that the film "unlocked" something in her and made her a better artist.

"There was a new woman in me after that one. I came back feeling like I had let go of some things and allowed myself to become something else."