Chanel West Coast Celebrates Own Weekend In Plunging Underwear

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Rebecca Cukier

It's West Coast Weekend, and Chanel West Coast wants people to know about it. The 33-year-old rapper and MTV face, last year dropping a "West Coast Christmas" single, was back to capitalizing on her own name this month, with a video on her Instagram ushering in her very own weekend.

Posting for her 3.5 million followers, the "No Plans" rapper proved she 100% had plans, with a video promoting her new vlog bringing her inside a car and rocking plunging underwear. Check it out below.

West Coast Weekend

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Scroll for the video, one coming as Chanel continues to make headlines for enjoying a new life in Miami - earlier this year, she quit Los Angeles for her big move, having since proven she can live her best life and be "Chanel East Coast."

The video showed glam cars and Chanel saying this was "just a typical weekend" for her - she was back in L.A. for this. Chanel spoke from luxurious cream leather car seats, wearing a low-cut black bralette top and statement shades.

'Just A Typical Weekend For Me'

Chanel said she had "so much stuff to do" as she outlined plans to hit up Complex Con and parties - showing off her manicure, the star gesticulated while speaking before sharing a clip from her "Bonkers" video. Urging her fans to check her YouTube, the Ridiculousness star told her followers to "check out my vlog" and subscribe to her channel.

The video has topped over 50,000 views, with fans telling Chanel to "drop the new songs." More photos after the video.

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Chanel has been speaking out about her career and the one aspect of it that never goes away - confidence. Profiled by Flaunt this year, the rapper revealed:

"I’m not nervous at all performing. I get more nervous doing this type of stuff. I get more nervous talking in front of people."

"I’m more nervous doing Ridiculousness and talking in front of an audience than I am to perform on stage. Whenever you’re performing, it’s your music. You know it by heart, it’s in your memory," she added.

Pandemic Gains (Or Losses)

Also a talking point over COVID has been Chanel admitting she's lost weight, and she's even been showing her gym clothes all baggy.

"I got really into working out on my own," she added, continuing: "Figuring out all of my own workouts. I have a mini Barbie looking gym in my garage, it’s really cute. The cuter the gym is, the cuter your workout clothes are, you get more “oh, I’m trying to look cute and do this.”

For more from Chanel, check out her Instagram.