Justin Bieber's Cars: How Much He Paid For His Custom Rides

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Celebrity status comes with a lot of perks, one of which is riding in style, and Justin Bieber made sure he enjoyed it to the fullest when he sprung for customized work on his cars. The Canadian singer, 27, has some of the most expensive sets of wheels out there, with one of his snazzy automobiles topping all other celebrity custom cars.

According to Click4reg, the "Peaches" pop star has spared no expense in personalizing two of his most prized vehicles. The private number plate supplier teamed up with Copart to crunch the numbers, revealing how much he paid for the tune-ups.

Check it out below.

Chrome Fisker Karma

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Justin has one seriously wild car collection, but one set of wheels fans are not likely to forget anytime soon is his Fisker Karma. The star got it as a present for his 18th birthday, with his manager, Scooter Braun, shelling $102,000 for it back in 2012.

Originally black with a subtle Eclipse metallic finish, the car got a massive tune-up after teenage Justin drove it to West Coast Customs to get it wrapped in shiny chrome. Those were the same guys who turned his Cadillac CTS-V into a Batmobile, so he knew exactly who to turn to.

Tuned For $124,500

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Justin wanted to change more than just the standard paint job. His chromed-out Fisker Karma also got black 22-inch wheels bolted on. Not wanting to stop there, the "I Don't Care" singer added purple LED lights under the grille and put a series of LEDs around the number plate, with Automotive Addicts noting the tune-up included "some illegal window tinting" as well.

According to our sources, Justin paid an estimated $124,500 for the job, and he certainly wasn't disappointed. At the time, InHabitat reported the car was "visible from three blocks away" and "insanely blinding to anyone not sitting inside."

Watch him rolling up to a Chick-fil-a drive-through in the super-flashy Fisker Karma in this TMZ paparazzi video from April 2012.

Frozen Blue Ferrari Liberty Walk

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While you might think $124,500 is a little steep, that's nothing compared to what Justin paid in 2015 for his Ferrari 458 Italia tune-up. The car went through quite a few modifications, going from its original white color to a matte blue, followed by a matte red, per Zero2Turbo.

The star eventually switched things up with an epic frozen blue color and matching 20-inch Forgiato wheels, once again going to West Coast Custom for the rewrap.

He also customized it with a Liberty Walk wide-body kit, which included flared wheel arches, new bumpers, and side skirts.

Over $330,000 Tune-Up

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The revamp, which also included a custom sound system, set Justin back a whopping $331,795, Click4reg found out. By comparison, the Fisker Karma tune-up was only 37.5 percent of that price.

According to our sources, Justin's Ferrari Liberty Walk is the most expensive custom celebrity car out there, topping Kylie Jenner's $322,000 Rolls Royce Ghost, Nicki Minaj's $315,000 pink Lamborghini Aventador, and David Beckham's $300,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead.

Justin got his money's worth as he enjoyed the car for two years, later auctioning it off for $434,500 in 2017.