Rebel Wilson Sparks Thigh Gap Storm In Unzipped Swimsuit

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Rebecca Cukier

Rebel Wilson has sparked a major storm after delivering a Baywatch-style ocean exit in a sizzling and unzipped orange swimsuit. The 41-year-old actress continues to make headlines for having dropped over 70 pounds, with her 2020 "year of health" seemingly continuing well into 2021.

Rebel, who lost the weight via mindful eating, is fresh from an Instagram post seeing her go full bombshell as she waded out of ocean waters, but the video has now turned into a body image storm.

Stuns In Ocean Exit

Scroll for the video. The Pitch Perfect star, now an Olly wellness partner as her health-focused lifestyle gains momentum, has gained over 1.5 million views for swishing around lapping waters towards the camera while on a blissful-looking beach.

Rebel wore a skin-tight and sporty orange swimsuit, one boasting a black zip - kinda down - plus her signature shades. She showcased that tiny waist and the results of her lifestyle change, with three heart emoji captioning the footage. Slow-mo added even more effect.

See The Video Below

The Aussie was quickly told: "Babewatch" by one fan, but it was another comment sparking a storm. "Thigh gap," one user wrote with heart-eye emoji, and it looks like the reply wasn't well-received by everyone.

"Thigh gap is unnatural, sorry nyt sorry," one fan replied. Another, jumping in and acknowledging unreal beauty standards, wrote: "Agreed. And look at the way people idolize it. This is why women struggle. Thigh gaps can be unattainable for lots of people but they're shoved in our face as a beauty standard and bam...EDs and insecurities."

Societal Norms?

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While brands including Old Navy and Girlfriend Collective jump on the size-inclusive awareness trend, the thinness glamorization is nowhere near over. One user fired back:

"IF YOU HAVE a natural thigh gap, it's cool that society forces women to pursue it even if it's not natural for everybody to have them? Wake up and smell the roses."

"Many people have natural thigh gap, like myself… Stop shaming and calling it unnatural," a fourth added. Rebel has, herself, addressed the concept of balance as she shares her weight-loss journey.

Losing 70+ Lbs Via Mindful Eating

In November 2020, Rebel went on Instagram Live to talk about her weight loss and what she's learned from it. The star admitted to turning to chocolate after a bad day, but for Wilson, it's been about consuming her intake mindfully - plus outdoor and old-fashioned walks, something she made headlines for as she revealed that high-impact cardio didn't do much for her.

Rebel's post comes as she makes further headlines - the latest sees her snapped up by Fiji Tourism.