Two Teen Girls Face Conspiracy to Commit Murder Charges in High School Bullying Incident

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Two 13-year-old girls from Laville Jr./Sr. High School in Lakeville, Indiana were arrested last Friday on conspiracy to commit murder charges reports WTHR. The arrests come after a bullying plot came to the attention of school officials.

The plot involved a list of students’ names that 13-year-olds wanted to harm at a school dance. The dance was to begin in the afternoon on Friday. Indiana State Police were contacted by noon that day and went to Laville Jr./Sr. High School to investigate.

Teenagers in Custody

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The two teenagers are now in custody at Thomas N. Frederick Juvenile Justice Center in South Bend, Indiana. This, after school administrators learned that the students had made a list of names of students they wanted to harm.

The list was then circulated on social media. The students were arrested and detained at Thomas N. Frederick Juvenile Justice Center. The Indiana State Police for the Breman Post have issued a statement, saying that the charges are Intimidation and Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

The Hit List

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The District Attorney’s office in Lakeville has yet to make a determination on this case. However the girls are being accused of making a hit list. After they were taken into custody on Friday afternoon, they attended a hearing on the charges. They have been ordered to stay in custody. It is unknown at this time if either of the teens has retained an attorney. The school community is baffled as to how the two middle-schoolers came to this plot in the first place.

Lakeville Residents Concerned

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Lakeville residents are concerned that a plot such as this has happened in their own community, with their own children. WSBT reports that one resident of the town named David Dossman said,

“It kind of puts concern for anybody in that school, especially with them being at such a young age.”

It is unclear exactly how school officials became aware of the threats. When the school learned of the threats, the state police were called and attended the school to investigate.

Details of the threats remain unclear. It is possible that this is a bullying situation that has gone completely out of hand due to the recklessness on the parts of the teenage girls.

Impulsive and Scary Children

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David Dossman told WSBT that he found the kids impulsive.

“Kids are so impulsive and they don’t understand ramifications at all and it upsets the community, upsets everyone, why in their minds they thought they were going to try and harm people. “

He also said the seriousness needs to be addressed upon the children and their parents, and hopes that the other students in the community are taking notes.

Shock is the prevailing emotion in Lakeville, Indiana, on this matter at this time.

The teens will appear in court again but individually, with the court dates of November 5 and November 8 set at this time.