Joe Buck's Curse Victimizes Jason Myers In Seahawks' Loss To Rams

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JB Baruelo

Joe Buck of Fox Sports is one of the NFL announcers who are known for jinxing field goals. Among Buck's most popular jinxing moments happened during the 2020 NFL season where the victim was Baltimore Ravens placekicker Justin Tucker. During the game between the Ravens and the Dallas Cowboys, Tucker flanked a 36-yard field goal after Buck mentioned that he had 70-straight makes from inside the 40.

Just when everyone thought that Buck's jinxing is already over, another player has recently fallen victim to his curse.

Joe Buck Silently Sends Field-Goal Jinx To Jason Myers

The latest victim of Buck's field-goal jinxing was Seattle Seahawks placekicker John Myers. In their game against the Los Angeles Rams, Myers ended a 39-straight field-goal streak inside 40 yards after missing a 35-yard field goal attempt.

Buck tried to prevent himself from being called a jinx by only mentioning Myers' record after he failed to score.

“(He) had made 39 straight inside 40 yards. And you can’t blame the announcer on that one, folks! I waited ’til after the miss!” Buck said, as quoted by Yardbarker.

Joe Buck's Operation No-Announcer Jinx Failed

Unfortunately, Buck failed to disassociate himself from the words "field-goal jinx." Even after delaying his announcement of Myers' record, former Cowboys quarterback and current NFL commentator Troy Aikman, who was working alongside Buck during the game between the Seahawks and the Rams, said that fans would still call him a jinx no matter what he does.

Buck wasn't the only announcer who has jinxing moments in the 2021 NFL season. On Sunday, Kenny Albert of Fox Sports was also accused of jinxing New York Giants placekicker Graham Gano during their game against the New Orleans Saints.

DeSean Jackson Helps Rams Beat Seahawks

Buck's jinxing of Myers has indeed made the game between the Seahawks and the Rams fun to watch, but the biggest moment of the matchup involved veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The Rams were struggling on the offensive end of the floor earlier in the game, finishing the first half with a four-point deficit.

However, the Rams started to turn things around after they executed a 68-yard pass play to Jackson. After that, they set up a five-yard touchdown run to Darrell Henderson which gave them a 9-7 lead. The Rams didn't let the Seahawks retake the lead and ended the game with a score of 26-17.

Seahawks Admit To Mistake Against Rams

In an appearance on ESPN 710 Seattle, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll expressed his disappointment over their failure to stop Jackson's play that ignited the Rams' comeback win.

“We’re getting antsy in our coverages, and we’re biting on stuff we don’t need to bite on,” Carroll said, as quoted by Yahoo Sports. “We need to be more patient, and let the ball be thrown underneath us. We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ve been working on it. That’s the part that’s disturbing to me. It’s a focused area for us, and we didn’t get it done.”