Alexandra Daddario Flaunts Burger Appetite In Strapless Dress

Alexandra Daddario
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Rebecca Cukier

Alexandra Daddario is showing off her burger appetite while in a sizzling strapless and slit dress. The 35-year-old actress, currently enjoying immense success via HBO series The White Lotus, is fresh from an Instagram update bringing in the platform's adored food trend, with the post also showing off a flawless look.

Daddario updated with a candid snap on Tuesday, one showing her in a hallway and carrying a juicy-looking burger. A big joke was also made referencing the recent Instagram/Facebook/WhatsApp outage.

'Welcome Back To Instagram'

Scroll for the photo, one coming shortly after millions of users were left without their preferred social media platforms as Facebook's multiple companies experienced an outage lasting over six hours.

Daddario's photo showed her in a hotel hallway and in a stunning and low-cut black strapless dress. The blue-eyed beauty, smiling and rocking a red lip, had a bowl in one hand and, closer to the camera, a delicious and traditional burger, one she was looking down at while sending out a smile.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario Highlights Abs In Poolside Yoga Look

Alexandra Daddario Highlights Abs In Poolside Yoga Look

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The Clinique spokesperson took to her caption, writing: "Welcome back to Instagram." Fans, meanwhile, were 100% on it - "We were soooo close to world peace lol," one wrote. "We missed you too," another said.

Quick to follow was a posed photo as Alexandra stood by a glitzy outdoor fountain and better showed off the slit and gold-trim dress as she thanked Monoto and said she felt "like a princess in this dress." The Baywatch star added: "Blown away." Keep scrolling for the full shot after the burger.

Cranky When Hungry

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Alexandra doesn't feature food on her social media too often, but the True Detective actress has opened up on it. Speaking to Health, she admitted:

"When I’m hungry, I want food, like, now, or else I get very cranky," adding:

"I think you have to indulge or the stress of not being able to enjoy what you eat will detract from any benefits you’re getting from eating healthy." She even called life without chocolate "stressful." Her philosophy is a "have it" if you want it one.

Easier To Exercise When 'Paid' To Do It

Daddario has admitted that the workouts for 2017 movie Baywatch were intense. Likewise, that exercising of her own volition is tricky, but it turns a lot easier with an attractive paycheck.

"I was doing more aerobic activity and way more weight training, which is something I’ve [since] incorporated into my daily routine," she told the magazine. "However, "it’s not a sustainable [lifestyle] unless you’re sorta being paid to do it," she added. Alexandra regularly makes headlines for her Instagram yoga posts.