Lauren Alaina Stuns In Figure-Hugging Floral Jumpsuit

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Rebecca Cukier

Lauren Alaina, shooting up trends with her September-dropped Sitting Pretty On Top of The World album, has been stunning her Instagram followers in a gorgeous and floral jumpsuit, one showing off the blonde's curves and reminding fans she's the picture of health following an eating disorder battle.

Lauren, 26, dropped up to 50 pounds from unhealthy eating habits and bulimia at the of her American Idol tour. Her recovery came after a "wake-up call" from doctors as she was told her bulimia might mean she'd never sing again.

Eating Disorder During 'American Idol'

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Scroll for the snap. Much like American Idol OG Carrie Underwood, who starved herself on just 800 calories a day after her AI win in 2005, Lauren felt the pressure. The singer was just 15 when she featured on the hit competition series, and it was then that she discovered a blog calling her "Miss Piggy."

"People can be really cruel," the star told ET over what she read. Now, she's having the last laugh with a photo showing off her fashion and her fabulous figure.

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Shared with Lauren's 982,000 Instagram followers, the photo showed her confidently posing against a purple-blue backdrop and throwing up her arms while scrunching up her face all cute.

Lauren had opted for summery florals, wearing a thick-strapped and white jumpsuit covered in delicate and multicolor floral-prints, with a sneaker finish keeping it trendy. The shot also brought out Lauren's famous blonde hair in a beachy-waved bob as she highlighted a golden tan, toned arms, and her beautiful smile. More after the snap.

'People Called Me Fat'

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The singer's ET interview came candid and touching.

“From the beginning of ‘American Idol’ to the end of the ‘American Idol’ tour, I ended up losing probably 45 to 50 pounds," she revealed, adding: “Things had gotten pretty bad… At the age of 15, I was on national television. People called me fat, and a blog mocked me by calling me Miss Piggy and drawing a snout on my face… [people]can be cruel, and I didn’t have the tools to deal with it."

'Proud Of My Curves!'

The dangers of bulimia were outlined to Alaina by medics.

“They told me that if I didn’t stop, I wouldn’t be able to sing again, and that was something I didn’t want,” she continued:

“That was a wake-up call for me, and it took me a few years to get to a better place even after that.” And I continue to see the therapist on a regular basis, specifically for an eating disorder. But I’m in better health now, and I’m proud of my curves! “