Paul Walter Hauser Talks Bad Reviews Ahead of 'Cruella 2'

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Lindsay Cronin

Paul Walter Hauser and the cast of Cruella are set to return to the big screen in the second installment of Cruella, Cruella 2. So, when it comes to the poor reviews the film received after the original film, it's understanding that he isn't too concerned.

After learning that some critics of Cruella, and fans of the film it was inspired by, 101 Dalmatians, had voiced negative opinions, many of which targeted the dark nature of the film's plot, Hauser, aka Horace Badun, spoke out.

Paul Walter Hauser Didn't Feel 'Cruella' Was 'Dark'

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“People getting riled up that it’s an edgy and dark movie: No, it’s not. You’re not watching dogs getting made into coats. It’s an action-adventure-crime-comedy movie with a lot of heart and if you don’t like Emma Stone and Emma Thompson you should probably get your pulse checked,” he told the Insider.

Following the release of the film, Hauser called out Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson on Twitter after seeing the writer had said he "really disliked" the film and suggested no one needed to see it.

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Paul Walter Hauser Called Out His Critic on Twitter

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"CRUELLA is the origin story slash heist movie slash Devil Wears Prada slash London Punk origin story you definitely don't need. Really disliked this movie," Lawson had written.

In response, Hauser poked fun at the idea that anyone was looking to Vanity Fair for movie advice.

"Before I see a film, I ALWAYS check w/ Vanity Fair, to ensure I don’t waste $10. [Vanity Fair] is the BEST resource to save ten bucks, even though their magazine costs ten dollars and they only like film [because] celebs sell their ten dollar magazine," he said in his clap-back.

Paul Walter Hauser Felt He Had to Defend His Film

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Continuing on to the Insider, Hauser said that while he did take aim at Lawson's review on Twitter, he didn't necessarily think he was a bad guy for voicing his opinion.

"I just read that review, it was one of maybe six reviews I read, and he was kind of having fun being mean spirited, sort of doing his word play instead of dissecting the film," Hauser reasoned. "I just felt it was a cheap shot so I defended my movie."

Paul Walter Hauser Didn't Think the Review Was Fair

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"I think we made a great film, it may not be for everybody, but it does so many more things right than it does wrong," Hauser continued. "If you feel you hated two things, but we did these five other things great, then you can't tell people not to see the movie. That's ridiculous. It's like me telling you not to eat at a restaurant because I didn't like the toilet paper in the bathroom and my waiter was unattractive."