NFL News: Eagles OT Jordan Mailata Reveals Plan After Receiving Huge Payday This Summer

JB Baruelo

Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Jordan Mailata is one of the former rugby players who found success playing in the National Football League (NFL). Mailata spent most of his life playing rugby until he decided to try entering the world of football in 2018. The start of his NFL journey wasn't easy.

After being selected 233rd overall pick in the seventh round of the 2018 NFL Draft, Mailata was unable to play in his rookie season after being sidelined with an injury. His health issues continued to haunt him in his sophomore year and he only made his NFL debut in September last season.

Jordan Mailata Earns Huge Payday After Impressive 2020 NFL Season

Instagram | Jordan Mailata

Despite all the things that happened, Mailata didn't give up on his NFL dream and continues to work on improving his game. He might be unable to remain healthy in the entire 2020 NFL season but in the games that he played, he managed to leave a good impression on the field.

After establishing a remarkable performance last season, the Eagles decided to give Mailata a huge reward this summer. Earlier this month, the Eagles signed Mailata to a four-year, $64 million contract, per Spotrac.


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Jordan Mailata Plans To Buy House For His Parents

Instagram | Jordan Mailata

Most people would agree that Mailata deserves every penny that he got from the Eagles this summer. After he signed a huge contract extension with the Eagles, his teammates decided to give him the nickname "Big Money." Mailata admitted that he still feels uncomfortable being called "Big Money," but he said that he's extremely blessed with his new deal.

In an interview with ESPN, Mailata revealed where he plans to spend some of his money.

“I’ve been wanting to buy my parents a house so I can finally do that," Mailata said.

Jordan Mailata Misses Father & Family In Australia

Mailata's family was originally against the idea of letting him leave Australia to play football in the United States. Still, he managed to convince them, specifically his father, to allow him to play in the NFL. With the years that he's been away from home, Mailata admitted that he missed his family and hoped that they could soon watch him play in the NFL.

"I wish my family could have been there when I started playing games. I don't know if it will happen this year, it might," he said. "I want them to be proud of me."

Eagles OT Lane Johnson Talks About Jordan Mailata's Ceiling

Mailata still has plenty of things that he needs to improve in his game, but Eagles veteran offensive tackle Lane Johnson thinks that the sky is the limit for the Australian footballer.

"Jordan is a freak of nature," Johnson said. "Once he figures it out, he should be able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, how he wants."

Mailata indeed has what it takes to become a legitimate superstar in the NFL, but his ability to remain healthy is still a major concern. After suffering a knee sprain, Mailata missed their much-awaited game against the Dallas Cowboys where they lost 21-41.