Dove Cameron Caught Crying In Nightie With Uplifting End


Rebecca Cukier

Dove Cameron wasn't above admitting she got caught crying her eyes out while in her nightgown yesterday. The 25-year-old actress and "We Belong" singer, known for keeping it both honest and positive on her Instagram, is fresh from a stunning social media update, one showing her all smiles but coming with an admission of tears shortly before the photos were taken.

Dove's Sunday photos showed her in a plunging and spaghetti-strap dress as she rocked a bold red lip - the caption explained more, though.

A Little Crying Never Hurt Anyone


Scroll for the photos. Dove, who remains open about her mental health and has even called her self-care "not always pretty," shared stunning photos showing her by white-painted doors and wearing a revealing and classy white dress, one boasting sheer waist panels, pom-pom detailing, plus a skirt finish.

The Descendants actress, now in the news for her CW Powerpuff Girls role, posed with one hand to her face in the opening snap, also throwing out a pout with a swipe right and closing with an Ellen Bass quote.

Scroll For The Photos

The blonde beauty, who showcased her angelic features in the photos, took to her caption with love, confessing:

"When your best friend comes home to find you crying in your nightgown you take a 5 min writing break and you let her photograph you in the hallway 🫀 i’ve never looked more like myself to me."

The former Disney star's 44 million followers threw her over 1.2 million likes, with YouTuber Tana Mongeau also leaving one. Swipe below for the gallery, keep scrolling for more.

Says Self-Care 'Not Always Pretty'


Dove's 2020, tough as it included her breakup from boyfriend Thomas Doherty, came with her opening up to Byrdie as she outlined not being proud of late mornings - in bed until noon some days. Speaking to the media outlet, Cameron revealed:

"I would love to be one of those people that says 'I wake up every morning at 5 a.m. And then I stretch, and then I fill my belly with lemon water.' But I'm not. I wake up anywhere from 8 a.m. to noon."

Calling Therapy 'Important'

The Emmy winner, who touched on recording new music and listed her beauty faves - not limited to castor oil for her brows - added:

"I'm such a manic creature. I feel like certain things can feel meditative for me. I definitely go to therapy, but I wouldn't necessarily say that it makes me feel great every time. I don't know if you go to therapy, but sometimes it can fuck up your day. But I definitely think therapy has been very important."