Kaley Cuoco Impresses With Morning Yoga Pants Run

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Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is burning her calories before 8 a.m. and getting in her steps - despite being massively jet-lagged. The 35-year-old sitcom star, fresh from news that she's ending her marriage to husband Karl Cook, was back to the workout action on Thursday, posting it all for her 6.9 million Instagram followers and showing that despite personal issues, she keeps on going.

Kaley's stories today featured a big treadmill run, squats with weights, and a yoga pants look - plus a shout-out to trainer Ryan Sorensen.

Another Day, Another Run

Scroll for the video. It comes as Kaley returns from Germany and back to her L.A. home amid shooting for Season 2 of HBO Max thriller The Flight Attendant. The blonde, who issued her breakup statement jointly as she filed for divorce on September 3, continues to keep quiet about her split, instead sharing other aspects of her life.

Filmed running indoors on her treadmill and from her $12 million Hidden Hills home, Kaley was seen in tight black leggings, a loose white tee, plus a baseball cap - she time-stamped her video at 7.34 a.m.

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The actress, also wearing white sneakers, wrote: "What to do right after a 12 hour flight? Get back to my routine. Sadly that includes @ryan_sorensen lol."

Quick to follow was footage of Cuoco from the gym inside her home garage as she squatted on a workout brick and while holding two heavy-duty dumbbells. "@ryan_sorensen making me lift some things while standing on this blue thing," the star jokingly captioned the video. Even more impressive were the weight and plank lifts right after as Kaley balanced herself over a yoga mat.

Admits Feeling Crappy Before Working Out

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Kaley, also a massive yoga queen, has opened up on her fitness, even admitting that she doesn't feel too great before - but it's totally worth it for the after high. Speaking to Women's Health, the star revealed: "Sometimes, do I want to get up in the morning and do it? No. But when I get out, I feel like a million bucks.”

"If I’m doing yoga, we’re doing it every day this week....Then I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I have to switch.’ Then I’m going crazy on SoulCycle....‘Okay, I have to switch,'" she added.

Divorce Announcement

Kaley, who wed equestrian Cook in 2018 following her 2013-2016 marriage to tennis player Ryan Sweeting, confirmed no "animosity" as she and Karl jointly confirmed parting ways this month. The couple had made 2020 headlines for ending their "unconventional marriage" and finally moving in together, with fans not seeing the split coming.

Kaley last posted a photo of Karl on July 5, this as the former couple welcomed in new dog Larry. Kaley has since erased her status as Karl's wife in her IG bio.