Porsha Williams Jumps Off Boat In Bikini After 'Gut' Showoff

Porsha Williams is jumping off a boat while in a skimpy bikini and living her best life after spreading body-positivity and saying it's okay to have a "gut." The 40-year-old RHOA star was full "YOLO" in stories posted to her Instagram recently as she braved a big plunge into the ocean and showed off her sensational body in a tiny snakeskin bikini.

Porsha, who is a mom to daughter Pilar Jhena, had received high praise on Instagram for encouraging ladies to love themselves. See her words and the boat action below.

Jumping Off Boat In Snakesin Bikini

Porsha Williams in printed dress

Scroll for the video, one that comes as Porsha eyes up her wedding to beau Simon Gubadia. The Bravo star was seen braving the high jump and holding her hand to her nose while soaking up the sun and highlighting her super-fit and curvy figure in the animal-print two-piece.

Also wearing turban headwear and stylish, massive hoop earrings, the Pampered by Porsha founder enjoyed her moment - and she snagged 1 million views just for jumping into the sea. See it below.

Scroll For The Jump

Taking to her caption, Porsha wrote: "YOLO" for her 6.5 million Instagram followers. The fanbase was still getting over Porsha's August post, one seeing pose in a skintight dress as she wrote:

“PSA: If you have -ss and have not had lipo or tummy tuck dis what yo stomach and body gone look like!Get whatever surgery you want but at least remember if you have a fupa or gut it’s OKKKKK 💕I was just trying in my @amazon dress and figured I would share that 😂 #Willdelete #PositiveMessage #InRealLife.” More after the video.

Give Her A Burger Anytime

Porsha Williams in dress and heels
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Porsha, who refuses to apologize for her body, had told Glamour what her nutrition philosophies are back in September 2020.

"For my diet, I really am not on anything strict to be honest. I just do what makes sense," she said. "If I’m craving a hamburger, I’ll have a hamburger. But then the next day I’ll make sure that I have a salad, a lot of water, and a good mix of vegetables. Same goes for something like pizza, if I want it I’ll have it, but then the next day I’ll make sure it is filled with healthy habits.”

Fans Are Loving It

The video brought in quite the response, including a fair few fans joking about the turban and whether or not it made it after the jump. "I’m just wondering if the headscarf made it 😂," one user wrote. "Did the turban 👳 stay on lol???" another asked.

Porsha's video had also shouted out another major celebrity. The mom of one had picked "WAP" star Megan Thee Stallion music to accompany her video. "One, two, three, go!!" a bystander was heard shouting as they egged Williams on.