NBA Rumors: Damian Lillard Could Be Traded To Celtics For Five Players, Two 1st-Rounders & Two Pick Swaps

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Since dumping Kemba Walker to the Oklahoma City Thunder, rumors are circulating that the Boston Celtics are searching for a starting-caliber point guard on the trade market. They may have signed Dennis Schroder in the 2021 free agency, but most people don't see him as the long-term answer to the Celtics' backcourt problem.

With a plethora of interesting trade assets, the Celtics are in a strong position to engage in a blockbuster deal if an All-Star caliber point guard becomes available on the market.

The Dream Trade Target

Damian Lillard saying it's Dame Time
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One of the dream trade targets for the Celtics is All-Star point guard Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers. In a recent article, Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report suggested a way on how the Celtics would be able to steal Lillard from the Trail Blazers without sacrificing Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

In the proposed trade scenario, the Celtics would be sending a package that includes Al Horford, Aaron Nesmith, Romeo Langford, Grant Williams, Payton Pritchard, two future first-round picks, and two pick swaps to the Trail Blazers in exchange for Lillard and Derrick Jones Jr.

Why The Trail Blazers Would Make The Trade

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The Trail Blazers would only consider such a trade scenario if Lillard goes to their front office and asks to be moved. By accepting the Celtics' offer, the Trail Blazers would be receiving enough assets that they need to start rebuilding the team in the post-Lillard era.

"Shedding the contract of Jones Jr. in the process, the Blazers add intriguing pieces in Nesmith and Langford," Pincus wrote. "Pritchard showed value as a rookie, and Williams is an inexpensive forward. Both first-rounders are unprotected, as are the pick swaps from Boston."

Celtics Get A Legitimate Superstar To Man Starting PG Spot

Damian Lillard playing for Team USA
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Giving up all those assets for Lillard should be a no-brainer for the Celtics. Lillard would provide them with a major backcourt upgrade and tremendously boost their performance on the offensive end of the floor. He would give them one of the league's best clutch scorers, as well as a great playmaker and an elite three-point shooter.

Last season, Lillard averaged 28.8 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 7.5 assists. He shot 45.1 percent from the field and 39.1 percent from beyond the arc, per ESPN.

Damian Lillard Turns Celtics Into A Title Contender

Successfully acquiring Lillard without giving up Tatum and Brown would dramatically change the Celtics' fate in the 2021-22 NBA season. It would still take time for Lillard to familiarize himself with the Celtics' system but if he meshes well with Tatum and Brown, Boston could create a "Big Three" that would give them a realistic chance of beating Eastern Conference powerhouse teams like the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat, and the Philadelphia 76ers in a best-of-seven series.

Helping the Celtics end their title drought would be good for Lillard's legacy and put him in the conversation of the best point guards in league history.