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Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is going through the worst period of his career in politics, fighting off public pressure to resign amid allegations that he sexually harassed multiple women.

Now-former political allies have abandoned Cuomo, with several prominent Democrats -- including President Joe Biden -- calling on him to resign.

However, according to several reports, the governor can still count on his younger brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who serves as his informal adviser.

According to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, there is nothing wrong with Chris Cuomo helping his embattled brother.

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As Fox News aired graphics mocking CNN hosts, Carlson defended Chris Cuomo "in total sincerity" and praised him for standing by his brother.

"One, you’re not responsible for the misbehavior of your relatives," Carlson began, as reported by The Daily Beast.

"Sorry. You didn’t choose them. You’re not responsible for anybody else’s misbehavior. Only your own," he continued, saying that the younger Cuomo is being criticized for "helping his brother in the middle of a crisis."

Carlson then told his viewers to "be real for a second" and consider how "understandable" the CNN anchor's behavior is.

'It's His Brother'

"It’s his brother," Carlson stressed.

"Your loyalty should be to your family above all else. Not joking at all. Maybe even above your job. Maybe even above Jeff Zucker," he continued, referring to CNN's CEO.

"If your brother calls and says, ‘I need help,’ if you don’t give him help because you’re pretending to be an anchor on some stupid cable channel that nobody watches, you’re betraying your brother."

"And that’s a greater sin than any of the dumb politics they espouse on that channel. Totally true. So we’re not going to criticize him for that," he added.

Chris & Andrew Cuomo

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New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into Andrew Cuomo found that Chris Cuomo advised his brother and drafted his public statements.

New reports claim that the governor "continues to confer" with his brother, who is currently on "vacation."

Chris Cuomo has not covered the scandals involving his brother, but he repeatedly hosted him in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, which some critics described as highly inappropriate.

CNN said Monday that Cuomo "cannot cover his brother, in part because we certainly expect them to speak."


On Sunday, Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter told viewers that CNN management has told Chris Cuomo that he "cannot participate in any more strategy sessions with the governor's aides."

"I think Chris should be asked about all this. He should be grilled like anyone else. That’s what numerous staffers at CNN said to me this week," Stelter said, according to The New York Post.

As for Andrew Cuomo, his approval rating hit an all-time low in the latest Quinnipiac University poll, with just 28 percent of respondents saying they approve of his job performance.