Gymnast McKayla Maroney Celebrates Clothes That Don't Fit


Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is showing how she feels a "million bucks" by posing in - and returning - a pair of pants that didn't fit. The 25-year-old vault queen, hugely into body-positivity as she this year reveals binge eating disorder and anorexia battles she's conquered, has been busy posting on an Instagram account that's lesser known. While the London 2012 Olympics face boasts 1.3 million followers on her main account, it's a more modest affair on her Glohé wellness feed. The account is gaining followers, though. See why below.

Pants Didn't Fit


Scroll for the photos. McKayla updated with home selfies, ones showing her glowing and looking the picture of health, this in the wake of her February kidney stones E.R. visit and March surgery for the painful condition.

Opening as she snapped herself in her living room, Maroney modeled a chic and long-sleeved black turtleneck, showing off a tapered and tailored white pair of pants as she pulled a bit of a Kim Kardashian in dark shades and with her long hair down.

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The GEICO face, who has been back-flipping onto roofs for frisbee saves as she fronts the car insurance giant, also shared a seated shot, here pouting as the camera also took in her home plants.

"Just returned a ton of clothes that didn’t fit and I feel like a million bucks," she began, continuing: "Online shopping returns were piling up for me, including these pants. 😂 (The 2nd pair don’t fit right in the back)." A confession then followed about the kind of shopper McKayla is.

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The gymnast told her fans: "I’m the type of person who won’t buy something unless I try it on, and it fits perfect.. but with Covid, and no fitting rooms open, I kinda had no choice."

Change seemed to be the vibe in this post, with the brunette revealing she's ordered new curtains and quickly returning to her favorite wellness topic - sunscreen. Maroney revealed wearing her sunblock "inside cuz I'm paranoid." A no-makeup photo was then "thrown in" as McKayla remembered it's a wellness account. More photos below.

Revealing Gymnast Weight Battles

McKayla this year revealed she felt ashamed after her eating disorder battles got in the way of attending her own father's funeral. The star's dad passed aged 59. Maroney maintains an impressive level of positivity as she bravely revisits her past, one that came with an unhealthy Diet Coke addiction during her competing days. Now, it's mostly vegan for the Pilates lover, who has been making headlines for testing out the rather-challenging "clam" workout from the strengthening practice.

McKayla's wellness account boasts 20,000 followers.