Britney Spears Has Thoughts With New Phone On Instagram

Britney Spears talking into the camera

Britney Spears is not impressed with technology, and she made her views clear for her 30.1 million Instagram followers today. On Tuesday, the princess of pop went on another of her giant rambles as she reminisced about what good she feels the world has lost, taking to the platform with an old black-and-white photo of children outdoors and saying that the tech-obsessed lifestyle has ruined things. Amid the lengthy caption came a reveal that the "Toxic" singer has a new phone. Check it out below.

Talking Old Times

Britney Spears in sheer shirt

Scroll for the photo. It breaks up a string of very colorful ones recently seeing the Grammy winner rock a hot pink swimsuit to showcase her Hebrew tattoo, plus plenty of catsuit ones to accompany her June-debuted pink hair.

The photo showed two kids by a wooden fence and was likely taken not too long after World War II.

"My cousins lived on a ranch and we would usually play outside but of course we always found our way back inside to build playhouses or play house 🏡 for hours with our dolls !!!!" the singer began.

Scroll For The Photo

Britney, who wondered if kids were able to "roam more freely" back in the day, said that everyone in the old days "knew each other," adding that the whole neighborhood "would hang out at my house." Spears, who even revealed a crush "when I was six," then said she feels kids these days are too sheltered.

"Nowadays I feel like kids are very protected … there are crazy people out there … but there is a sense of loss and curiosity in children’s eyes cause everything is technology driven." See her phone reveal after the photo.

New Phone, Who Dis?

Britney Spears home in knotted tee

Britney, alleged not to have a phone as fans discuss the extent to which 68-year-old dad Jamie Spears controls her life, confirmed she does have one. In fact, it's brand new. The blonde told her followers: "I mean … I get it …. I just got a new phone and feel like my whole world has changed."

"I just pray that children realize there is way more to life than technology and that they never lose their sense of curiosity and wonder …. like these two little rascals are doing above !!!!" she continued. More photos below.

Fans Know How To Respond

Fans in the comments section took things back to 2001 and Britney's hit "Overprotected" track. "You could say kids these days are...overprotected," the leading comment reads.

Britney is herself a mom to sons Jayden and Sean, 14, and 15, and shared with ex Kevin Federline. With 30% custody, though, the singer doesn't see them as much as she might wish, with sources this year telling UsWeekly that visits are "periodical."

"They spend most of their time at their dad’s house and have very few visits with their mom, especially overnight one."