Britney Spears Admits Post-Yoga Dancing Harder Than It Looks

Britney Spears last night revealed that things aren't always as easy as they seem. The 39-year-old pop princess was, on Monday, back for another of her legendary home dance sessions, posting for her 30 million Instagram followers and dropping post-yoga moves. Spears, who made doing more "acro yoga" her 2020 New Year's Resolution, seems to have stuck to the vow she made, making it a double workout for the blonde - fans, meanwhile, got invited along via a video. Check it out below.

'Doesn't Look That Hard But It Is'

Britney Spears in knotted tee and pants

Scroll for the video. Britney, right now sparking concern after calling herself a "motherf-ing snake" as she recreates her iconic 2013 VMAs performance, posted shortly before the headline-making snakeskin bodysuit post. The Grammy winner, barefoot and in little black shorts and a matching bralette, was seen dancing her heart out, spinning fast, and impressing fans with her super-toned and rock-hard abs.

The "Toxic" singer, waving her hair around and also fashioning it into the perfect messy bun, shouted out music legend Janet Jackson - with more.

Scroll For The Video

Britney, who is approaching 900,000 views for the living room dance, took to her caption, name-dropping sister to Michael Jackson Janet, and writing:

"Yesterday I danced my =ss off to Janet 💃🏼 and did yoga 🧘‍♀️ .... it doesn’t look that hard but it is 😳😳😳 !!!! PS ... sh-t my roots are horrible 🤷🏼‍♀️😬 !!!!!"

Spears is regularly dragged out over her messy hair and leftover eye makeup by fans. Users, who didn't seem out to give the singer too much of a hard time, are nonetheless asking: "How are you Britney?" More photos after the video.

Recreating VMAs Snake Moment

Britney Spears in snake catsuit

Britney, whose legal and docu-dramas have dominated 2021 headlines so far, is now in the news for the post directly following the post-yoga dance. The star shouted out her famous 2013 VMAs performance, one that saw her writhing around on stage and with a 25-pound snake wrapped around her. 

No snake this time, but fans did get Britney in a green snake-print bodysuit as she wrote: "I held a snake at the @VMAs one time but decided to go ahead 20 years later and become the motherf-cking snake myself." More photos below.

Digging At Her Fans

Spears added: "And since TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS you tricky little sh-ts… who knows what color snake I will be tomorrow 😳🤔😏 !!!!??? STAY SAFE folks and watch out for the [snake emoji]."

Fans, who wish to see the singer freed from being under 68-year-old dad Jamie Spears' legal grip, are now saying: "Well this ain’t strange at all Brit. Hope you’re released from your cage soon!!!" Spears will, this month, speak in court for the first time as she continues to battle her father.