Kaley Cuoco Stuns In Beachy Selfie For Special Celebration

Kaley Cuoco couldn't have looked happier in a stunning and beach-set selfie marking the birthday of someone very close to her this weekend. The 35-year-old sitcom star, who made 2020 headlines for a "salmon-gate" drama with assistant Emma Ross, was shouting out the woman who accidentally put mushrooms in her salmon lunch, with Emma getting a major birthday shout-out as Kaley shared a trio Instagram selfie also including 32-year-old sister Briana Cuoco. The girl behind Penny couldn't resist a joke, though. See why below.

Birthday Wishes After Salmon Drama

Kaley Cuoco smiles with coffee and a dog

Scroll for the photo. Kaley has entrusted Emma with her daily tasks amid the 2020-released The Flight Attendant series, a thriller now renewed for a second season. The blonde's photo, coming from a balcony overlooking sandy shores and lapping waves, came with everyone smiling and posing with lowered masks, with Kaley seen in the middle. 

Kaley, who wore a loose linen white shirt, tinted yellow shades, and a black mask, had her arm around an excited-looking Emma, with Cult LA founder sister Bri also stunning in black.

See The Stunning Snap Below!

The much-adored TV face, whose HBO Max thriller was a solid fall favorite with its November 2020 release, took to her caption, writing: "Mega birthday post for the sun to my shine! Miss @emmamadelineross ! You are the best ever and I literally couldn’t make it through the day without you."

"Except for that one day you added mushrooms to my salmon and my world ended. But alas! We have traveled the world together, laughed, cried and everything in between..." she added.

Scroll For The Salmon/Mushrooms

Kaley Cuoco and sister with assistant on a beach

In March of last year, Kaley clapped back after being dubbed a drama queen. The incident involved the star's assistant preparing lunch and presenting her with a healthy salmon dish, plus a major put-off.

"Because I am extremely nice to the people that I work with, I told Emma, my trust assistant, ‘Take the day off. You work from the hotel or get what you need done... Just order me my normal lunch," Kaley began while filming herself with the super-healthy lunch.


Kaley Cuoco with salmon lunch

Kaley continued: “Emma orders me a lunch every day, I eat the same thing every day...But what do I hate the most?"

Adding that mushrooms make her "lose her appetite," Kaley said: “Anyone that knows me knows that I hate mushrooms." Fans were quick to lash out on Twitter, with the star eventually taking to social media and saying she couldn't believe the immense response she'd sparked. Kaley called Emma her "wonderful assistant" in a semi-apology, adding that "Mushroomgate is a real thing and people are actually very upset."