Donald Trump Wants Credit For Coronavirus Vaccines: 'Just A Mention Please'

Former President Donald Trump holds a press conference.
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Former President Donald Trump on Friday complained that his administration hasn’t been given enough credit for developing coronavirus vaccines.

Trump claimed that his administration should be praised for Operation Warp Speed, a program that was created to develop and distribute effective vaccines in record time.

The former commander-in-chief also made sure to take a shot at his successor, Democrat Joe Biden.

He made the remarks less than a day after Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its guidelines, saying that vaccinated Americans no longer have to wear masks indoors.

'Our Names Are Not Even Mentioned'

In a statement released via his official website,, the former president complained about the fact that Trump administration officials are seldom mentioned by those congratulating the United States on curbing COVID-19.

"Isn’t it incredible that because of the vaccines, which I and my Administration came up with years ahead of schedule (despite the fact that everybody, including Fauci, said would never happen), that we no longer need masks, and yet our names are not even mentioned in what everybody is calling the modern day miracle of the vaccines?" he asked.

'Just A Mention Please'

Used vials of coronavirus vaccines.
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Trump suggested that his administration saved millions of lives, saying that "without the vaccines, this world would have been in for another 1917 Spanish Flu, where up to 100 million people died."

"Because of the vaccines we pushed and developed in record time, nothing like that will be even close to happening," he continued, taking a swipe at Biden.

"Just a mention please! The Biden Administration had zero to do with it. All they did was continue our plan of distribution, which was working well right from the beginning!"

Coronavirus Vaccinations 

The U.S. averaged 2.2 million coronavirus vaccine shots per day over the past week, according to CNBC. Though vaccinations are down 35 percent from the peak level mid-April, latest CDC data shows that there has been an uptick.

The recent pause in the administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine did not disrupt the U.S. vaccine, according to the nation's top infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci.

According to CDC, more than 35 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated and 46 percent of the population has received at least one shot.


After the CDC eased its mask-wearing guidance this week, Biden held a press conference welcoming the decision, but stressed that those who haven't been vaccinated yet should still wear masks.

"We’re not going to go out and arrest people. If you haven’t been vaccinated, wear your mask for your own protection and the protection of the people who also have not been vaccinated yet," he said, as reported by The Associated Press.

Fauci, meanwhile, argued last week that the pandemic has shown how effective masks are and claimed that people might continue wearing them in the future during flu season.