Lisa Rinna Dances In Bikini & Cowboy Hat For The Haters

Lisa Rinna close up

Lisa Rinna has picked the bikini and cowboy hat dance that "triggers everyone the most" to both clap back at the haters and celebrate International Dance Day. The 57-year-old Bravo face, savagely slammed in 2019 for bopping around to Billie Eilish in a two-piece, today returned with the video that sparked so much controversy, posting for her 2.6 million Instagram followers and nailing both her video and her caption. Lisa, known for her social media home dances, was all body, and nobody's complaining in the comments section.

20-Somethings Can Shove It

Scroll for the video. If you don't live inside Lisa Rinna's Instagram, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is a regular with the dance moves, having delivered ones to music icons including Beyonce and Michael Jackson. Today saw the former actress picking a much younger face and going with her 2019 dance to "bad guy" singer Billie Eilish - she chose this track.

The video showed Lisa home in her living room and shaking her jaw-dropping body to the beat while in a tiny multicolor and striped bikini.

See The Video!

Showing off rock-hard abs and a mean tan while in a cowboy hat, Lisa was all muscle and some curve on top, with the Rinna Beauty founder clearly not having forgotten the drama her video caused two years ago. In fact, she appeared to direct her caption towards those who had shaded her back when the video was first posted.

"So hard to pick a dance for #internationaldanceday so I picked the one that triggers everyone the most 😂 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🤠🔫," she wrote. More photos after the video.

Those Comments

Lisa, who has been busy flaunting her body in Fendi and Versace swimwear this year, was quick to bring in the views, and the comments. "Damn Lisa let me get that body girl you are looking good 🔥," one fan replied.

"Can you just share your workouts everyday, WTF," another said. The video itself clocked over 75,000 views in three hours. It comes as Lisa makes headlines for one heck of a flexibility showoff - earlier this week, the star yanked up her leg while in undies to promote her December 2020-dropped makeup line. See the video below.

Promoting Her Lip Kits

Lisa is fresh from the launch of Rinna Beauty, a brand she wants to turn into a "lifestyle" one. Alongside lipsticks and glosses, the range offers $45 Lip Kits in shades that include Birthday Suit and No Apologies.

"It's been in the works a long, long time. It was something that seemed like the perfect fit, [to] start a lip line. I first wanted to do it... I would say at least 10 years ago, maybe even more," Lisa told Allure.