'Queen Of Cosplay' Jessica Nigri Shares Candid Photo With No Makeup After Run

JessicaNigri stuns in sexy Junko cosplay.
Instagram | JessicaNigri
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Jessica Nigri often thrills fans with her creative and sinfully seductive cosplay, but the glamour model, YouTuber, and voice actress got praise for different reasons in her latest Instagram update. 

On Thursday, April 8, the "Queen of Cosplay" shared a trio of candid selfies without a speck of makeup on, showing off her natural beauty and rosy cheeks that were colored pink after going on a run.

In her caption, the stunning blonde made apologies for her messy, uncooperating hair, telling fans it was "battling" her. She also tagged her alternative Instagram page, encouraging followers to give it a look if they wanted to see "more casual stuff."  

Busty Babe

The gorgeous 31-year-old traded in her usual elaborate albeit scanty outfits for a black tank top -- a super-low cut number that struggled to contain her chest. 

While not skintight, the patterned garment accentuated her trim figure. It boasted an outrageous deep cut that rivaled the revealing neckline, making for a seductive look that flaunted her buxom curves.

Since the snaps were closely cropped to her bust and face, it wasn't clear what Jessica wore below the waist. She was snuggled on a couch and appeared to have a baby-blue blanket pulled over her lower body. 

Lounging Beauty

Jessica nearly popped out of her top as she lounged casually on her back. She peered intensely into the camera, posing coquettishly with her hand against her cheek. Her lips were slightly parted, showing off her pearly-white teeth. The brown cushions put extra emphasis on her fair skin and made her platinum-blond locks pop.

Another photo, which can be seen by scrolling through the embed below, saw Jessica squeezing her bosom in between her arms as she zoomed in on her décolletage and face. 

She cocked her head and showed off a coy smile. Her tousled tresses seemed slightly pulled back, teasing her toned shoulders. The close perspective gave fans a better look at her blushing cheeks, which lent her a sultry appearance.

Showing Her Goofy Side

The third and final snap captured a different view altogether, as Jessica leaned back on the pillows and positioned the phone right in front of her chest. Her face emerged from behind her busty curves, resulting in a cleavage-centered shot that proved to be a fan favorite.

Jessica showed off her goofy side by making a silly expression. In her caption. she made a gaming reference to ask fans which pic they preferred.

"Choose YOUR FIGHTER!! 1, 2 or 3!"

Needless to say, a great number of her followers opted for the last pic in the row.

"Fighter 3 so I can put fear into my enemies' hearts," one person motivated their choice.

"Your meme faces always get me. I love them," chimed in another follower. 

Fans Love The No-Makeup Look

Followers made quick work of showing their love for the post. In the span of three hours, the triple update amassed more than 190,000 likes and over 2,200 comments.

Many of her online admirers praised her fresh-faced look, telling Jessica she was beautiful without makeup. Others complimented her sexy figure, with one fan quoting Lord of the Rings while referring to her buxom assets.

"Mountains Gandalf!"

"I can’t handle how beautiful you look without makeup, you look STUNNING with and without. I’m just not used to see you with no lashes, and well, you look like a goddess," gushed another devotee.