Sommer Ray Clocks 1 Million Views With Bottomless Leg Lift

Sommer Ray close up
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Sommer Ray is clocking mad views with her pantless leg lifts. The 24-year-old fitness sensation, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, is big-time proving the moniker still rings true in 2021, and she's carrying it over to a much younger platform. Posting for her 10.4 million TikTok followers ahead of Easter, the famous blonde bopped her booty around for some major gym action, with the footage also seeing Sommer promote the resistance bands retailed by her Sommer Ray's Shop

Back On Her Grind

Sommer Ray working out

Scroll for the video. Sommer, who made 2020 headlines for complaining she'd been "slacking" in the diet and exercise department, is seemingly proving she's back in the game this year. The video, shot inside a gym, showed the Colorado native flaunting her muscle machine of a body and busting out careful leg lifts while leaning against equipment.

Sommer, wearing the tiniest of hot pink and patterned booty shorts, plus a tight, long-sleeved black top, made sure the viewers saw the apple bottom. She also wore black socks and white sneakers.

See The Video Below!

3.8 Million For This One...

Over on Sommer's Instagram, where 26 million are subscribed, it's been more bottomless action, with a recent video seeing the model working out right on the beach in skimpy bikini bottoms and a loose tank.

"Promise this isn’t the only workout i do guys hahahha but it’s a good one to show off the @shopsommerray booty bandzzz 😝💪🏼 get yours, link in b!000. ☀️ btw i’m gonna start posting more workout vids again 💛," Sommer wrote. More photos after the video!

Making That Sale

Sommer, whose $$$ has now gotten her a sweet new Mercedes-Benz, hasn't run out of ways to keep the promo innovative. A tight jeans and fake Louis Vuitton bag grab this year saw the stunner joke about herself, writing:

"Just a random series of pics of me fake trying to find something in my bag to look cute lol but guyyssss the presidents’ day sale on." The star's brand has now expanded to pandemic-friendly unisex sweats alongside hats and the new resistance bands.