Kelly Ripa's Tight Skirt 'Live' Return Sparks Complaints

Kelly Ripa backstage and looking shocked

Complaints have been logged as viewers of syndicated talk show Live! With Kelly and Ryan adjust to host Kelly Ripa's return. The 50-year-old morning show queen made headlines throughout last week for taking five days off, with Monday seeing the popular blonde back on-set and with trusty co-host Ryan Seacrest. Yesterday, and ahead of air time, the series posted an Instagram video showing Kelly and 45-year-old Ryan prepping to go live, and it looks like fans are grumbling. See why below.

Back After A Week Off

Kelly Ripa in frilly dress

Scroll for the video and reactions. Kelly managed to cause quite a hoopla simply by enjoying some much-earned time off work, with the former All My Children actress' absence seeing Ryan joined by three separate co-hosts including Maria Menounos and Ali Wentworth.

Kelly was back on sensational form Monday. The mom of three, today celebrating husband Mark Consuelos' 50th birthday, was looking sizzling and classy in a skin-tight and slit pencil skirt, plus a clingy ivory top and her trademark stilettos.

See The Video Below!

Kelly and Ryan were both filmed making their way to the desk, with American Idol  host Ryan heard saying: "It's Monday." The crew was also heard applauding both co-hosts, but it wasn't much of a clap in the comments section. Clearly, fans were spotting what they claimed to be old content.

"Isn't this a repeat show?" the top comment reads. "Repeats.....?????? Why????" another replied, with a third fan writing: "Repeats repeats repeats."

Others, however, had explanations. "It's Easter week and Ryan is on American Idol with week," one said. 

Scroll For Her Backstage Starbucks!

Keep scrolling for the video. Kelly, who joins Ryan to form America's most-watched morning talk show, has been welcomed back across the digital space. While users had touted Maria Menounos' fill-in as worthy of a permanent spot, many feel nobody can fill Kelly' shoes. Scroll for more photos after the video.

As fans complained of repeats, some stepped up to point out that celebrities merit time off just like the rest of us. One user replied: "They deserve vacations just like you do..." Scroll for Kelly and her backstage Starbucks!

Best Bond Ever

Kelly Ripa and Ryan walking backstage

Kelly made headlines in October 2020 for ringing in the big FIVE-OH. Her 50th birthday brought a massive feature with Parade, with the star both hinting that she might soon leave the series and reveal a possible reason why she hasn't done it yet.

“We’ve been friends for two decades, and I’ve got to tell you he is really such a draw to me there. I just love working with him so much. He makes every day feel like I’m not working and that’s when you know you have a great working relationship," Kelly stated.