Spoilers For Tuesday's 'General Hospital': Peter Puts Pressure On Maxie

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Spoilers for the March 16 episode of General Hospital indicate that Peter is going to push hard in his quest to convince Maxie to stay with him. He showed up at her apartment during Monday's show and all signs point toward some tense exchanges on Tuesday.

Last week, Anna confronted Peter. It was an intense conversation that left her with a lot of regret and heartbreak. Soon after that, Peter showed up at Maxie's place, anxious to talk to her once more.

Peter's Intensity Has Maxie On Edge

Maxie had just spent time getting support from Sam, Dante, and Olivia. Peter entered the room, and ominously closed and locked the front door to have Maxie all to himself.

The Twitter sneak peek for Tuesday's episode of General Hospital provides a glimpse of where this is headed. Peter will once again insist that the past is dead and he was the one who killed it. 

Peter used this phrasing before, and it was rather chilling.  Little does Maxie know exactly how bad it is.

Peter Thinks He's Got Things Managed

Peter thinks that by killing Franco, and Drew's memories, his past can no longer come back to haunt him. In his mind, he truly did take care of killing his past and the possibility it could cause him more damage. 

At this stage, it hasn't occurred to Maxie that Peter was responsible for Franco's death. However, Jason quickly pieced it all together and shared his thoughts with Anna. As much as she hates it, Anna agreed with Jason's take.

Maxie's Digging Deep

Luckily, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that Maxie will dig deep and stand her ground. She is going to put her unborn baby first, which signals that she will not let Peter gaslight her any longer.

Maxie resisted the truth about Peter for a very long time, but she's finally realized she was wrong. She wavered initially at the wedding, but once Valentin exposed the truth about Peter, she forced herself to face reality. It seems that will continue on Tuesday.

Maxie Puts Her Daughter First

Soap Central confirms that Maxie will put her daughter first as she takes in what Peter says next. Given how Maxie's been manipulated by Peter in the past, that could suggest that she'll fall for his lies again, thinking their daughter needs them both.

Luckily, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she'll put the wishy-washy version of herself behind her and let her true Maximista out. Viewers have been waiting for this, and they're hopeful that the March 16 episode will allow Maxie to shine once again.