WWE Bombshell Lana Slays In Blue Bikini & Lounges On A Boat

WWE superstar Lana -- whose real name is CJ Perry -- took to Instagram this week and shared some delightful snaps with her 3.8 million followers, much to their delight. Scroll down to see the pics. 

The Monday Night Raw superstar uploaded some photos of herself wearing very little as she went on a seafaring adventure. Lana was on a boat and enjoying the sunny day at the time, but she also wanted her fans to know that she was living her best life and refusing to let the bullies and critics bring her down.

Bikini Queen

Lana in a blue bikini
CJ Perry | Instagram

All three images featured the “Ravishing Russian” sporting a blue swimsuit with white dots peppered across the material. The colorful attire showed off her enviable physique and complemented her positive mood.

The first pic showed Lana kneeling down and facing the camera straight on. The water was visible in the background and her hair blew in the wind, suggesting that there was a chill in the air, despite the warm appearance of her surroundings.

In the second image, Lana balanced on her hands and knees while making a face. She concluded the photo set with a snap of herself kneeling down again and smiling for the camera.


Lana poses for a WWE photoshoot

In the accompanying caption, Lana detailed some of her previous experiences of being bullied, betrayed and excluded. Her wording suggested that she was referring to her recent WWE storylines, but she didn’t refer to any specific incidents. 

As The Inquisitr documented, she has had negative experiences with internet trolls and angry wrestling fans in the past. This was especially common during her polarizing love affair storyline with Bobby Lashley.

Lana noted that she “choose[s] to trust, live, fight and enjoy the sunshine,” making it clear that no one will ever bring her down. 

Lana's Followers Just Can't Get Enough

Lana on a boat
CJ Perry | Instagram

At the time of this writing, Lana’s latest upload has received over 118,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Her admirers were quick to flock to the comments section and let her know how much they appreciated her.

“Yes girl! All of this! In PROSPERITY our friends know us. In ADVERSITY we know our friends,” one follower told the Pitch Perfect star.

“This is one reason why I look up to you, you taught me to stay to my true self & not give up. You’re my reason, I love you,” a second fan gushed. 

The Bad News

Lana wears a bodysuit
CJ Perry | Instagram

While Lana is a regular presence on social media, she is no longer allowed to use it to promote products that don’t pertain to her day job. As Sportzwiki noted, WWE recently introduced an edict which prevents superstars from making money on third-party platforms. 

Unfortunately for Lana’s admirers, they might not see as much activity from the performer. One of her main reasons for using it in the past was to highlight her relationships with brands. However, her latest pics suggest that she will still make an effort to entertain her followers.