'The Voice' Coaches Channel The 80s In Hilarious Video Clip

Judges of 'The Voice'
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The Voice

The Voice's coaches came together for a video clip where they danced to the 1987 hit song, Rick Astley's "Together Forever."

In a video shared with Instagram, Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson dressed up in 80s garb as they sang the song. 

The bit was part of a dream for Blake. The show continues an ongoing storyline where the country superstar is smitten with the "Spaceman" singer. This gag began when Nick was first announced as a coach on the series back in Season 18.

Blake Shelton Is Still Crushing On Nick Jonas

Judges of 'The Voice'
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At the beginning of the clip, Blake studies Polaroid snapshots of Nick taken during Season 18 of The Voice. He remembers all the good times he and Nick had on set and sweetly recalled the moments when Nick shook his hand.

The clip morphed into a dream sequence where Blake imagined himself alongside his fellow coaches as they sang the song and danced.

Blake wore a too-big black suit. Underneath, he donned a white shirt and wide black tie as his video fashion.


Kelly Clarkson Looks Just Like Madonna

Kelly Clarkson of 'The Voice'
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He danced along with Nick, who wore an acid-washed jean jacket and coordinating pants over the same style shirt.

Kelly channeled vintage Madonna in an outfit that featured sky-high shoulder pads seen in a black dress with a high neckline. A wide-bottomed tulle skirt was cinched at the waist by a sparkling belt. Kelly wore thin black socks with high-heeled shoes. A lace headscarf tied her blonde hair up.

Finally, John Legend wore an outfit similar to George Michael's "Faith" ensemble. He modeled a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt topped with a black leather motorcycle jacket, as reported by Today.

John Legend Channeled George Michael

John Legend of 'The Voice'
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Kelly, Nick, and John danced perfectly in sync as backup performers. Blake attempted to channel Rick Astley in a spot-on impersonation.

The clip concluded with Blake waking from his dream. His photos of Nick and the other Voice coaches were scattered on the floor at his feet. 

Nick appeared to greet him on set, leading Blake to smile awkwardly and pick up his photographs. In the last image, the iconic 1980s singer winked at the country crooner from a Polaroid photograph that was held in Blake's hand.

Fans Adored The Fun Clip

Blake Shelton of 'The Voice.'
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Viewers of The Voice loved the fun video clip. Many enjoyed the way the show continued the theme, which began two seasons prior.

"Petitioning for a full 80s pop album from Kelly Clarkson, please," wrote one fan.

"The shoulder shimmies are killing me, honestly," joked a second follower.

"Ok, does this mean Rick will be the mentor this season?" a third Instagram user questioned.

"Kelly Clarkson, WHAT?!? Girl, you're straight fire! You guys just made my day. Every single one of you! What did I watch tho?" asked a fourth fan.