Celeste Bright Is A 'Tropical Girl' In Impossibly Small String Bikini Bottoms

Kathryn Cook

Celeste Bright rocked a pair of insanely small bikini bottoms in her most recent Instagram share. The model and influencer took to her feed this past weekend to share a sizzling new shot that has quickly captured the attention of her fans.

The model chose a beach as the shot's backdrop, standing in the center of the frame and meeting the lens with an alluring stare. A large cliff with greenery and a bright blue body of water made up the rest of the picturesque setting. Celeste struck a sexy pose with her hands near her hips. She staggered her feet and spaced her legs apart as if she was taking a step toward the camera.

She wowed in a mismatched suit that did her nothing but favors. On her upper half, she wore a white top that popped against her all-over glow. It was cut like a sports bra with thick straps, which fit snugly over her shoulders. Its scoop neckline offered a tease of her bronzed collar, which was decorated with a set of layered necklaces. The garment cut off near her ribs, exposing her flat tummy and tiny midsection in its entirety.

She teamed the top with a pair of bright pink bottoms that showed much more than they covered. It boasted a set of thin strings that tied in dainty bows. Celeste pulled its sides high on her hips, drawing attention to her slender waist. The high-cut design of the suit also showcased Celeste's trim thighs — something her fans didn't seem to mind.

In her caption, she made sure to tag her stylist while noting the type of girl she was. Fans have not been shy about showering the post with praise. Within hours, it has garnered more than 33,000 likes and well over 450 comments.

"You are a sweet lady. Keep shining brightly my dear, you are so loved," one follower gushed, adding a trio of flames to the end of their comment.

"Wow beautifull and love your body curves wow," praised a second person.

"Hahahahaha is the top as tiny as the bottoms? wow," another user wondered.

"Celeste, u r so beautiful girl!!!!!" added a forth fan, alongside a trio of flames.