Tattoo Model Jessica Wilde Gets On Her Knees In A Tiny Bikini For Sizzling Selfie Update

Shawna Cory

Jessica Wilde sizzled in her most recent Instagram share on Tuesday, February 2, thrilling her 919,000 social media followers. The Inked magazine cover girl displayed her incredibly fit physique in a provocative pose which left fans wanting more. Over 21,500 of them hit the "like" button in the first day after the post was uploaded.

Jessica wore a fluorescent orange bikini with a simple and extremely revealing design. The vivid color popped against her tanned, prolifically tattooed skin. Soft, triangular cups and thin straps comprised the top of the bathing suit, which exposed a tantalizing amount of underboob and plenty of cleavage. The matching bottoms dipped low in the center, and she pulled the straps high up on either side of her hips. The petals of red and blue flowers inked on her inner hip peeked out from one side.

Jessica snapped her reflection from the floor of her very tidy bedroom, kneeling on the carpet in front of a large mirror with her legs spread wide apart. She engaged her taut abdominal muscles to maintain her perfect posture, which also emphasized her lithe, hourglass shape.

She raised one hand up to her shoulder and grasped the end of her long, honey-blond French braid, which was pulled over to one side. With her other hand, she held her iPhone up in the air, partially covering her face with the device. She looked down at the screen with concentration to maintain the image's focus and composition.

The other portion of the caption included a hashtag referring to Jessica's dog, Sophie, who was contentedly napping in the middle of the neatly made bed.

Just a few weeks ago, The Inquisitr reported on a post in which Jessica rocked a pair of black, over-the-knee socks and a cheeky bodysuit while bathed in the illuminating glow of an old-school pinball machine. She stood on her tiptoes to get a better view of the intricate board as she pulled the plunger back and prepared to launch a ball into play. Fans couldn't tear their eyes away from her amazing figure and loved her choice of activity. To date, the post has racked up nearly 30,000 likes.