January 28, 2021
Bikini-Clad Hannah Palmer Flaunts Her Curves In The Bathroom & Compares Herself To A Goddess

On Tuesday, Hannah Palmer caused a stir on Instagram with a beautiful photo of herself snapped inside a bathroom. Her bikini-clad body looked so heavenly in the shot that she used just one word to describe herself in the caption -- "Aphrodite."

The setting of Hannah's photo shoot appeared palatial enough for the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. Photographer Devin Del Santo captured her admiring her reflection in the mirror of a luxurious bathroom bathed in golden light. Some of the light came from a second backlit mirror behind her, and the soft illumination added to the image's ethereal appearance. The second mirror was positioned above a polished white countertop and sink. Beside it, a white towel hung on a rack affixed to a wood-paneled wall.

Hannah showed off her divine figure in a leopard-print two-piece. The pattern's black rosettes stood out against the swimsuit's tan base color and all of the golden tones in the pic. Her top was embellished with gold hardware, which elevated the piece by making it look more expensive. The garment featured a gold medallion in the center of the bust and matching hardware on the shoulder straps, along with gold sliders for an adjustable fit.

The top's molded cups flattered Hannah's colossal cleavage and displayed a great deal of it. She posed with her left arm raised so that she could grasp a handful of her luminous blond hair. This caused the corresponding side of her top to ride up so that she teased a glimpse of underboob.

Hannah's snap only featured a hint of her matching bottoms, which had wide side straps. Their highest points were aligned with her visible navel. In addition to accentuating her perfect curves, the model's bikini showcased her toned stomach and smooth, glowing skin.

Hannah kept her full lips together and directed her bright eyes at her reflection, exuding sensuality and self-confidence.

Many of the model's 1.7 million followers seemed to agree that her beauty was otherworldly and worthy of worship. They showed their devotion to her by liking her post over 37,000 times and flooding the comments section with praise. She was described as "pure perfection" and "Blessed with Beauty," while one of her fellow Instagram models, Abby Rao, responded with a "Woah" and a heart-eye emoji.

"I agree you are the reincarnation of Aphrodite," one admirer wrote.

While Hannah's bathing suit photos always attract a lot of attention, she has proven that she can also impress her IG audience by using other apparel to barely cover her curves. In a recent popular photo set, she teased a glimpse of her booty while rocking a pink pleated miniskirt.