Tattoo Model Jessica Wilde Plays Pinball In Her Underwear

Jessica Wilde slayed on Thursday afternoon in her most recent Instagram share. The gorgeous Inked magazine cover girl stripped down to very little and flaunted her fit physique while playing a classic arcade game. It took only five hours for the post to garner over 19,000 likes from her 915,000 social media followers, including one from musician Dave Navarro.

Jessica wore opaque black over-the-knee stockings paired with a French-cut bodysuit in a deep wine color that looked gorgeous against her olive complexion. The revealing garment featured a halter-style top with a single strap that looped behind her neck, leaving an ample portion of her upper back exposed. A thong backside also displayed a tantalizing amount of her rounded derriere, which was flexed taut as the petite model stood on her tiptoes to get a better view.

She balanced in front of a pinball machine with one foot several inches behind the other, displaying the individual outline of both shapely legs. With her right hand, she pulled out the plunger that shoots the small metal ball into play when released, and grasped the corner of the machine with her left fingers, presumably ready to activate the corresponding flipper when necessary.

Jessica gazed down with an expression of concentration, slightly parting her lips and dropping her long eyelashes halfway. Bright arcade light distinctly illuminated her profile and drew attention to the front of her body. It spilled over the curve of her breasts, her slender midsection, and the tops of her thighs.

The empty bar in which she posed had cozy lighting that beautifully complemented the deep wood floors and even darker furniture. A black-and-chrome cocktail table was placed on Jessica's left. Beyond the table was the nostalgic golden glow of at least two vintage stand-up video games.

Jessica credited her fellow Canadian, boudoir photographer Lexy Parks, in the caption and threw in a trio of purple emoji that resembled the aliens from Space Invaders. Due to the angle of the photograph, it was unclear whether Jessica was identifying the theme of the game she was playing, or if it was just a reference to the general environment.

Jessica's Instagram followers were delighted by the post and flooded the comments section with adoring words and affectionate emoji. Several people inquired if she won, and she responded negatively with a crying emoji.

"Life is an arcade, let's make it Wilde," one fan declared, making a clever reference to her surname.

"Amazing," another supporter remarked.