January 18, 2021
Lindsay Brewer Pumps Gas In Sexy Crop Top & Tight Jeans: 'Full Tank'

Lindsay Brewer was a total smokeshow in her most recent Instagram update on Monday morning. The gorgeous racecar driver opted for a scanty look that was sure to leave her fans breathless.

In the racy shots, Lindsay rocked a sexy crop top and a pair of tight jeans as she pumped gas into her convertible. The white tank wrapped tightly around her busty chest and displayed her lean arms and shoulders in the process.

Meanwhile, the denim pants clung to her narrow hips and fit snugly around her long, lean legs as they contoured to her round booty. Her taut tummy and rock-hard abs were also highlighted in the ensemble. She opted to accessorize the look with a chunky watch on her wrist.

In the first photo, Lindsay stood with one thumb hooked into the pocket of her jeans. Her other hand held a gas nozzle as she shifted her weight to one side. In the second snap, she placed a hand over the side of her car and bent her knee while arching her back and directing a steamy stare into the camera.

The final pic featured Lindsay pushing her chest out and looking away from the lens, as she wore a sassy expression on her face.

In the background, some green foliage could be seen, as well as a bright, blue sky. In the caption, Lindsay asked her fans where they should go. She also geotagged her location as Newport Beach, California.

Her long, blond hair was parted in the center. The locks were styled in loose waves that engulfed her shoulders.

Lindsay's over 1.4 million followers didn't waste any time showing their love for the post. The photos garnered more than 57,000 likes within the first 10 hours after they were shared to her feed. Her admirers also swarmed the comments section with over 630 messages.

"Find yourself a girl who pumps her own gas," one follower declared.

"Let's go to the beach beach, let's get away," another wrote.

"Looking stunning," a third comment read.

"So freaking beautiful! I love your eyes!" a fourth user gushed.

The model doesn't appear to be shy when it comes to flashing some skin in skimpy outfits online. She's often seen smiling for the camera in sexy bathing suits, teeny tops, tight dresses, and more.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay recently sizzled in a gold bikini and a sheer, white skirt. To date, that post has racked up more than 64,000 likes and over 680 comments.