January 15, 2021
Tyra Banks Reveals She's Insecure About Her 'Skinny Calves'

Tyra Banks made a confession about her calves on Instagram.

The 47-year-old Dancing with the Stars host shared side-by-side snaps which showed the subtle difference in her "retouched calves" following a modeling shoot.

In the pics, Tyra wore her hair short and rocked a cropped white t-shirt and short jean shorts as she placed her hands against the white wall behind her. The America's Next Top Model alum was barefoot as she showed off her long legs while standing on tiptoe in the shot.

But while she exuded confidence in her over-the-top outfits and catwalks into the ballroom on the ABC celebrity dance competition, in the caption to the post, the gorgeous supermodel gave some insight into one of her biggest insecurities.

Tyra revealed that she is so insecure about her small calves that she had the pic retouched, and she noted that she might add some lower leg exercises into her workout routine. The mom of one then revealed that she is learning to "love" her legs as they are.

In the comments section, many fans were confused and admitted that they could see no difference between the two photos. Commenters noted that the star looked great in both pics.

"The inside of her calf leading down to her ankle is a little slimmer but not that noticeable," one user pointed out. "I slid the picture over just enough so I could see both pics."

"Until I read...I was honestly admiring your legs," another person wrote.

"Literally perfect! No need for retouching," a third admirer chimed in.

"I'm sorry... your face is so fierce... we not looking at your [calves]," another commenter wrote.

Tyra has long been known to spread body positivity, so it's surprising that she pointed out a body part that she is insecure about. Still, the fact that she's learning to love her legs as they are could mean she won't be asking for a retouch next time, no matter how subtle.

Tyra has also said that back in her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit modeling heyday, she felt like her body was not her own, as she kept her weight in a certain range to conform to industry standards. She ultimately let go of the pressure to look a certain way and has embraced her shape.

"I've been too thin or too big," Tyra told People. "And I used to feel like I was betraying people if I lost weight."