Lauren Dascalo Strips Off Her Shirt To Expose Her Insane Curves In Red Thong Lingerie

Lauren Dascalo didn't hide her epic curves for her most recent Instagram share on Wednesday. The model looked steamy in the upload, but her adoring fans didn't seem to mind.

In the revealing snaps, Lauren stripped off her shirt to expose her insane curves in a red thong lingerie set. The blond beauty wore a long-sleeved yellow top that she lifted off of her body to show off a red bra with thin straps, allowing her to flaunt her toned arms and shoulders, as well as her muscular back.

She added a pair of matching thong panties that were cut high over her curvy hips and hugged her petite waist while accentuating her round booty and long, lean legs in the process. She accessorized the style with a pair of black boots.

In the first photo, Lauren lifted her shirt over her head as she walked down the street. One of her legs was placed in front of the other with her back arched. In the second shot, the shirt was completely off of her body as she held in one hand. Her other arm rested at her side.

In the background of the shots, some buildings could be seen, as was the sunlight beaming down from above. In the caption, Lauren told her fans that it was getting hot.

Her long blond hair was styled in loose curls. The voluminous strands spilled down her back and brushed lightly over her shoulders.

Lauren's over 1.1 million followers immediately began to share their love for the post by clicking the like button more than 8,300 likes within the first hour after it was uploaded to her timeline. Her admirers also rushed to the comments section to leave over 250 remarks about the pic during that time.

"Been hot since you arose," one follower stated.

"So gorgeous, God bless you," another gushed.

"Always in great shape," a third comment read.

"'re pure fire!!!" a fourth social media user wrote.

The model's fans have grown accustomed to seeing her sport racy looks in her online snaps. She's often photographed wearing skimpy lingerie, tiny bathing suits, tight dresses, and more.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Lauren recently grabbed the attention of her followers when she rocked a gray sports bra and a pair of matching spandex shorts as she worked her fit figure at the gym. That post was also a huge hit among her supporters. To date, that video has been viewed more than 163,000 times and earned over 330 comments.