Sylvester Stallone & His Daughter, Sistine, Appear Together In TikTok Video: 'Sly Thinks He's Cooler Than Me'

Treva Bowdoin

Sistine Stallone stunned her TikTok followers by bringing out the big guns in her latest lip-sync video. The 22-year-old model boasts a following of over 633,000 followers that isn't quite as robust as that of some of the platform's biggest stars, but she has one thing that most don't: a beloved action movie icon willing to act as her costar.

Sistine's famous father, Sylvester Stallone, 74, joined her for a kitchen performance. The duo brought plenty of attitude to the short clip as they mouthed along with the Mike Posner song "Cooler Than Me." In her caption, Sistine referenced the tune's title and used her parent's nickname to playfully taunt him.

Sistine looked effortlessly gorgeous in a casual ensemble that consisted of a pair of tight jeans and a black top. Her shirt featured a form-fitting style with long sleeves, a low sweetheart neckline, and a long string tie in the center of the bust. The model completed her ensemble with a pair of black lace-up boots. She wore her long hair styled in a partial updo that accentuated her blond highlights.

As for her father, the Rocky star rocked a pair of dark blue athletic shorts and a skintight black tank top that showed off the colorful tattoos covering his shoulders. The shirt also revealed a muscular physique that belied his years. However, he sported his natural salt-and-pepper hair color.

The video began with a shot of Sistine filming herself and spinning around while serving up some smoldering side-eye. She then turned the lens on Sylvester, who swaggered toward her before holding his hands up on both sides of his head. His daughter looked similarly confident and cool. In another shot, she pointed at the camera — which was now in someone else's hands — before backing away and shaking her hips a bit.

Sistine and Sly both got expressive with their eyebrows and hands throughout the footage. They concluded the clip by appearing in-frame together and facing the camera in a somewhat confrontational manner.

Sistine's video with her dad soon became one of her most popular TikTok uploads. It accumulated over 3.8 million likes, and many of her fans left messages expressing their excitement over seeing the star of Rambo on the social media platform.

"Omg. Living legend," read one comment.

"He's cooler than all of us," another TikTok user wrote.

"The Daddy Daughter Duo we needed," added a third fan.

"You gotta get your dad an account," suggested a fourth viewer.

When Sistine makes big waves on social media, it's usually on her Instagram account. In one post that was a smash hit, she likely dropped a few jaws by posing in a skimpy two-piece bathing suit.