Knockout Holly Barker Displays Naked Booty, Underboob, And A Love For Contact Sports

She wants to know if fans are rooting for Tyson or Jones in tonight's match.

Holly Barker takes an Instagram selfie.
Holly Barker / Instagram

She wants to know if fans are rooting for Tyson or Jones in tonight's match.

Fitness model and social media influencer Holly Barker took to her Instagram page on Saturday with a knockout shot that stunned her 935,000 followers. The buxom blonde struck a provocative pose that displayed her jaw-dropping physique as well as her love for contact sports. Over 8,600 followers showed their support by double-tapping the post during the course of the first afternoon in which it was uploaded.

Holly was nude with the exception of a crimson strip of pleated fabric across her voluptuous bust, the design of which appeared similar to a cumberbund fastened together in the back. Her breasts spilled out from below the piece, showing off a tantalizing amount of underboob. She also wore a red-and-white boxing glove displayed prominently on her right hand.

She posed against a bright pink backdrop with her left side toward the camera, positioned such that both her killer backside and the front of her body were displayed. She leaned back slightly and dropped her chiseled left shoulder, creating a deep arch in her torso and letting her extended arm fall behind, nearly grazing her derriere.

Holly curled her right bicep and lifted the boxing glove into the air, framing her profile. She closed her eyes and seductively parted her lips. Light accentuated her high cheekbones and striking jawline, and poured over the rest of her toned figure, giving it a flawless appearance.

She lifted the leg closest to the camera, demurely hiding her bits and showcasing part of her thigh, above which a line of muscular definition was visible running up her belly.

Holly’s platinum tresses were casually styled and worn loose, spilling halfway down her back.

Holly credited her makeup artist and photography/creative direction team in the caption. She also used a series of hashtags that made reference to the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. airing tonight, November 29. Although she did not reveal her selection, she asked supporters for whom they would be cheering.

Holly’s Instagram supporters eagerly flooded the comments section with adoration for her look, as well as to respond to her inquiry. Several of her fans expressed their allegiance to Tyson.

“So Beautiful OMMMGGG,” gushed one person.

“Sooo much Glam goddess gorgeousness!!!!!!!” exclaimed another follower.

“Just spectacular, beautiful,” praised a third fan.

“Tyson all the way! but Holly is the real champ,” declared a fourth person.

Just a few weeks ago, The Inquisitr reported that Holly wore a tiny cropped shirt and thong and posed on her knees straddling a football with an ecstatic expression on her face.