Lindsay Brewer Ignites Her Social Media With Multiple Stunning Close-Ups

Model, racecar driver and Instagram personality Lindsay Brewer attends the 2020 premiere of Bloodshot.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

IndyCar hopeful and social media star Lindsay Brewer ignited her Instagram profile on Friday, proving definitively that she knows how to make her 1.4 million followers swoon without delving into NSFW territory. The late-night post featured two sultry snapshots of the 23-year-old peering directly into the lens of the camera with her hazel eyes, smiling sweetly as she did so.

Although the sleeveless top she wore appeared to hug her perky bustline tightly, her cherubic face and the flowing blond locks that framed it were more than enough to incite the masses.

Brewer captioned the two-pic slideshow by sharing her hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday. She further leaned into the spirit of the season by offering her own thanks for her supporters and opining that there had been a lot to be thankful for throughout the year in spite of what is going on in the world.

Meanwhile, Brewer’s fans took the opportunity to offer their own brand of gratitude in the post’s comments section, praising her striking appearance in the sexy share. In less than 30 minutes after it had appeared on her timeline, the post had accrued about 200 comments.

“@lindsaymariebrewer Those #eyes are incredible,” wrote one commenter.


“We are so thankful for you too,” added another admirer.

“Thank you for being so caring and loving toward us.”

“I’m also thankful to you for all the beautiful posts you’ve been sharing…” stated a third fan, who accentuated their feelings with a heart emoji.

“I don’t know you, but imma simp cuz you are the most beautiful woman ive seen,” wrote a fourth user.

While the comments were clearly flowing, the efforts of the double-tap patrol were even more impressive, as Brewer’s update racked up well over 14,000 likes as of this writing.

Both of the shots included in the sexy spread showed Brewer posing in front of a wooden door with a large glass window and what appeared to be the sandy-colored walls and ceiling of a front porch. She wore the same clothes in both pictures as well, but she still managed to bring something different to the table by alternating her expression.

In the first slide, the Clubhouse Beverly Hills creator flashed a wide, toothy grin while her large, inviting eyes remained locked onto the camera. Her bright blond hair flowed out from her dark roots and covered her shoulders and bustline. Meanwhile, her ribbed, sleeveless top accentuated her bust and a blue denim jacket could be seen hanging from her arms.

The second shot found Brewer striking a very similar pose. However, her full, pink lips were pressed together as she offered an impish grin.

In a more revealing update earlier in the week, Brewer teased her fans with a killer tan and a modest showing of cleavage in a loose-fitting top and tiny jean shorts.