Tori Spelling Confuses Fans As She Poses For Family Holiday Card With Her 5 Kids Without Dean McDermott

Victoria Miller

Tori Spelling shared her family's holiday card on Instagram, but her husband Dean McDermott wasn't around to pose with his wife and kids.

Tori shared the pic with her 1.5 million social media followers after a photoshoot with her kids: Liam, 13, Stella, 12, Hattie, 9, Finn, 8, and Beau, 3.

The 47-year-old mom-of-five wore a long red dress as she held a framed photograph of Dean while posing with her children in an outdoor setting. Her daughters wore coordinating red dresses, while little Beau looked dapper in a light gray suit.

The text featured a greeting from the McDermotts as they bid "good riddance" to the pandemic-filled 2020 and gave a welcome to 2021. Tori noted that Dean was in Canada at the time the photo was taken and sent love from him from his native country.

In the caption, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum revealed that her family traditionally kicks off the holidays by posing for their greeting card. She added that while Dean was out of town due to a work commitment, she made sure to make him part of the clan's annual tradition.

"Can't wait for mine to arrive! Love ya @torispelling," wrote the actress's longtime friend, Scout Masterson.

Others zeroed in on Tori's kids, especially Stella, who looked especially grown up with bright pink streaks in her hair.

But some fans of the family were alarmed by the omission of Dean, with a few admitting they were confused by the holiday photo taken without the patriarch present. One fan revealed she frantically flew through Tori's post to see why Dean wasn't in it for fear something bad had happened to him.

"Me Too, you scared us @torispelling," another added.

Another follower was "relieved" after reading Tori's caption and finding out that her husband was simply working in Canada.

Other commenters thought the pic was Tori's way of announcing she was "getting rid" of Dean.

"I thought y'all were saying good riddance to Dean. I was like omg savage!" one commenter cracked.

"OMG I thought this was saying good riddance to Dean, I thought, dang what a harsh Christmas card," another added.

Tori's caption made it clear the photo wasn't a divorce announcement, so once fans realized what was going on, they praised her for including her husband of 14 years in the holiday greeting in such a sweet way. Yet, one fan suggested Tori should have taken a page from the Kardashian clan's book.

"I'm surprised you didn't photoshop him in like Kim K does with her pictures," wrote one follower.