Niece Waidhofer Shows Off Her Voluptuous Cleavage & Killer Legs In A Low-Cut Top & Plaid Miniskirt

Niece Waidhofer snaps a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

A Tuesday afternoon Instagram post from Niece Waidhofer caused a stir among her 2.3 million followers. She snapped the selfie from her bedroom and shared a fun, quirky caption to go along with the sexy snapshot.

Niece sat on her bed, her derriere right on the edge of the mattress. She held the phone in one hand to snap the photo and had her other hand behind her booty. She tilted her head and looked at the phone while keeping her torso straight toward the mirror.

The 30-year-old hottie had her long tresses swept behind her shoulder on one side, and let them gently cascade over her other shoulder. The loose waves tumbled over her chest and the longest wisps grazed her waistline.

She wore a black cropped top that had some unique aspects to its design. An asymmetrical neckline dipped low on Niece’s chest to reveal quite a bit of her deep cleavage. The material was somewhat see-through and had one flap over material folded down over one side of her chest. In addition, one leather strap with a buckle wrapped over her shoulder.

The model and actress exposed her taut tummy and the waistband of her miniskirt rested just under her navel. The extremely tight skirt was made of a red-and-black plaid fabric and the bottom hem crossed over her upper thighs.

Sheer black stockings covered Niece’s shapely legs and a pair of over-the-knee boots finished the look. The ensemble accentuated her hourglass curves and her followers quickly flooded her post with love in response to the titillating shot.

“Looking really BEAUTIFUL,” a fan commented.

“You are exceptional!” another noted.

“Very sexy pic! Love it!” a third user raved.

“Beautiful hot and sexy,” someone else praised.

In her caption, Niece referenced the awkward days of high school. Based on the comments from her followers, her note resonated with quite a few of them. Ultimately, however, it was the titillating shot that got everybody buzzing.

In about an hour after sharing the sultry snapshot, the post had already received more than 26,000 likes and 230 comments. It’s still gaining more and more engagement by the minute, but it doesn’t appear to be gaining the volume of traction that a weekend upload of Niece’s did.

That recent shot showed Niece wearing nude lace panties and flaunting her booty. She sat on a table with her back to the camera and leaned forward to highlight her curves. The stunning model shared that snap just a little more than a day ago, and it already has nearly 110,000 likes.