Elizabeth Perkins Poses For Stunning Birthday Photo Above A Canyon: 'This Is 60'

Victoria Miller

Elizabeth Perkins was a breath of fresh air in a new photo shared to social media.

The Emmy-nominated This Is Us actress, who celebrated her 60th birthday on November 18, posted a stunning pic in honor of her milestone day.

In the photo shared with her more than 40,000 Twitter followers, Elizabeth wore a long and regal red coat and high-heeled boots as she posed at what appeared to be the top of a mountain above a gorgeous canyon. The star had her reddish-brown hair pulled back and stood confidently with a hand in her coat pocket for the stunning shot.

In the caption, Elizabeth proudly noted that "this" is what 60 years old looks like. She also expressed gratitude for another trip around the sun. Fans know that the star was diagnosed with latent-onset autoimmune type 1 diabetes at the age of 45 and has learned how to manage the disease.

The actress also shared the pic with another 48,000 fans on Instagram, seen here, as she tagged London designer Nina Morris for the outfit.

"You are in your own skin and loving and accepting every last molecule! Self-acceptance, gratitude and wisdom...beautiful! Happy birthday!" one fan tweeted.

"Living your best life clearly! Six decades of amazing. Happy birthday!" another Twitter user added.

"Wow, I love it. The outfit. The boots. The stance. KILLED," a third fan tweeted.

Another follower asked Elizabeth what her secret is for staying so young compared to others her age.

"You look astounding!" the fan tweeted. "Is there anything you feel you're doing differently than the friends you happen to have around your age that has had you progress through life into this stage so beautifully? Cause whatever it is, it's...working for you."

Others wanted more details on Elizabeth's eclectic outfit, and another observer noted that not everyone could pull off such a pose in front of such a magnificent backdrop.

Elizabeth's confident pose from such a high altitude is especially impressive for another big reason. The Queens-born beauty, who is also known for her roles in the TV series Weeds and Sharp Objects as well as the big-screen classic, Big, has been vocal about her fear of high places.

"I have an overwhelming fear of heights," she once told Us Weekly. "One time I had to be rescued from the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver."