Gabriella Abutbol Poses With Pants Pulled Down And Goes Braless & While Revealing Why Her 'Eye Swelled'

Gabriella Abutbol shared a spicy triple-shot Instagram update with her 1.8 million followers, and it included a cautionary tale about the potential side effects of touching hot peppers.

The social media personality sizzled in an ensemble that wasn't completely on her body. She rocked a pair of distressed jeans with a relaxed fit and massive frayed holes on the legs. She left the zipper fly completely open and folded over. This made it possible for her to wear the pants pulled down so that she bared a daring amount of her well-defined lower abdomen.

The rest of of the model's toned midsection was left exposed by her tiny shirt. She sported a cropped red tank top crafted out of stretchy ribbed fabric that strained against her prodigious breasts. She showed her patriotic side with the image of an eagle and American flag printed on the bust. It was distorted somewhat by the knot in the center of the garment. The top was tied up so that a sizable amount of her pale underboob was on display, along with part of the large tattoo on her left rib cage.

Gabriella's only accessory was a single gold bangle on her left wrist. Her dark mane was curled, and the glamorous style brought out the shiny caramel highlights in her long hair.

She sat on a squat gray ottoman covered with woven ropes. It was positioned next to a fake potted tree with vibrant green leaves.

Gabriella flashed a beaming smile at the camera in the first photo. In the second slide, she gave her followers a flirty smirk with one corner of her lips quirked up. The Bang Energy babe upped the sex factor by reaching back to grab a handful of her luscious locks. This caused the bottom of her shirt to rise, revealing even more skin. She went for a sultry look in the final picture, clamping her teeth together and gazing at the camera intently while she placed her hands on the back of her small seat.

Her humorous caption recounted how she touched a jalapeno pepper — which she referred to as a "jalapeñis" — and then touched her eye, which caused it to swell. A few of her fellow models had thoughts about her post.

"Will that work for other things?" cracked Sofia Bevarly in response to her tale.

"Holy f*ck ABS," wrote Niece Waidhofer, adding a string of heart-eye emoji to her message.

"Imagine having a body like that," read a third comment from a fan.