Tom Bergeron Puts Up An 'F-Covid' Christmas Tree, Explains Why He Owns A Fred Willard Cardboard Cut-Out

Tom Bergeron is getting into the holiday spirit early.

The former Dancing with the Stars host shared two new posts to Instagram as he explained why he has already decorated for Christmas.

In a new upload to his social media page, the veteran television personality posted a photo of a Christmas tree loaded with colorful lights and ornaments. In the background, a cardboard cut-out of late actor Fred Willard wearing a Santa hat could also be seen.

In the caption, Bergeron noted that he already put up his holiday tree even though it's still more than a week before Thanksgiving. He added that he put the tree up, in part, as a way to give a big F-bomb to the coronavirus. He also confirmed that the cardboard figure in the background was indeed a likeness of the beloved Fernwood 2 Night star, who passed away in May.

In the comments section, several fans noted that they also have "Covid" trees as a way to beat the pandemic blues. Others admitted they put their Christmas trees up in October and plan to leave their décor up until February as a way to bring light into their homes.

Others zeroed in on Bergeron's Santa-wearing Willard standee.

"Fred... a beautiful man... a beautiful Santa," one fan wrote.

In a second post, which can be seen here, Bergeron shared a video in which he explained why he owns a cut-out of Willard. Bergeron reminded fans that he co-starred with the actor in an episode of the ABC crime drama Castle.

In the 2010 episode, titled "The Late Shaft," Bergeron played a late-night talk show host named Bobby Mann, while Willard played Hank McPhee, a disgruntled sidekick who was later found to be his killer.

In his spiel, the TV veteran explained that after the Castle collaboration, he later hosted a fundraiser which honored Willard's charity work. The actor was out of town shooting a movie, but his wife Mary accepted the award with a cut-out of her husband perched alongside her. Bergeron revealed that he asked Willard's wife if he could buy the life-sized standee of the star. He joked that it just struck him as funny that the guy who killed him was "now in cardboard." Bergeron also revealed that years later, he also decorates his Willard standee for Halloween and other holidays.

Bergeron's followers wrote that they loved the story. Many noted that they miss his humor on Dancing with the Stars.

Fans were stunned when Bergeron was fired as the emcee of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition earlier this year after 28 glitter-filled seasons, but he has an exciting new project coming up. The Emmy winner will host a virtual table read of the holiday classic It's a Wonderful Life next month.

The star-studded virtual gala and table reading of It's a Wonderful Life will stream on December 13.