Jonathan Van Ness Asks Instagram Followers To Donate To Georgia Democratic Candidates While Half Naked

Jonathan Van Ness took to Instagram today to ask his followers to donate and support the campaigns of Georgia Democratic Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. The Queer Eye star posted an Insta story in which he could be seen dancing with a bare torso, wearing only a pair of black shorts, while pouring himself a cup of coffee.

Van Ness, who has been a vocal supporter of the Democrats throughout the course of the 2020 election campaign, used his platform to urge his fans to “follow, volunteer and donate” to both candidates, in text laid over the clip. He also wrote that the “Ted Cruz, McConnell, Graham trilogy needs to end,” in a previous story.

According to The Independent, Warnock and Ossoff are facing a runoff, which will take place January 5, 2021, after they were not able to get enough votes to win their respective Senate seats during the first election. The outcome of this runoff could be decisive in determining whether the Democratic or Republican parties will hold a majority in the Senate.

The video was part of a set of four, which are part of the stylist’s characteristic “Coffee Dance”, a ritual in which he posts clips of himself dancing, usually half-naked, while he makes his coffee every morning. He uses the performance as a means to address serious topics, share personal thoughts, encourage his followers, and to give visibility to political causes and campaigns.

Jonathan Van Ness attends the 70th Emmy Awards

Van Ness has a record of being outspoken politically. While he has consistently used his platform to endorse political candidates — he campaigned for Senator Elizabeth Warren while she was running for the presidency — he has also advocated for progressive values across his social media channels and has taken advantage of his impact as an openly queer celebrity to call attention to the concerns of unrepresented groups.

The Netflix star has openly rejected conservative policies, and has called out President Donald Trump, online and offline, in numerous occasions. On November 7, he posted a tweet celebrating the results of the 2020 presidential election and calling Trump and his family members “losers” and “cheaters.”

Last year, as reported by Metro, he accused the Trump-Pence administration of making low-cost STD treatments and medications less accessible in a video collaboration with Planned Parenthood as part of a sexual health care campaign. Van Ness has partnered as a health care advocate with the organization since coming out as HIV positive in September 2019.